Rafa Roundup: Does Roger Federer Miss Playing Against Rafael Nadal?

Photo via Tennis Planet
Photo via Tennis Planet


“I have been playing a bit better but every week is a different story … and I know that the work when you are coming from a bad moment, the work is triple. It’s much more mental and tennis work than when you’re in a normal situation or in a good dynamic. So that’s what I’m accepting and doing to try to change the dynamic and to try to feel more confident and comfortable on court.”

This year, Federer could face a more serious obstacle than normal in his quarters. Rafael Nadal is the second seed in this section; he beat a struggling Federer here two years ago, but this season their fortunes have largely been reversed. Now it’s Rafa, instead of Roger, who is fielding questions about his form and his future.

Hit that bolo-punch forehand. Then do it again. And again. And again. Thirty is the new 22, Rafa. Just ask Federer. Ask Stan Wawrinka. Novak Djokovic is the World No 1? Nole? You used to own that guy, and you can own him again. Time for the comeback. Time to make the Flushing Meadows crowd jump, laugh and smell up their pants again. You are larger than life, man.

When asked about the possible reunion with his longtime rival in press, the Swiss acknowledged that it has been a while. “Sometimes they come in bunches and sometimes it doesn’t happen for a while,” he said. “You don’t know why. Clearly Rafa has also not played much last year. He was injured, he had the appendix, and then next thing you know I didn’t have a good ’13 so I wasn’t getting very deep into tournaments then when he was playing great. We kind of missed each other because we were still highly ranked; we were far away in the draw.”

He added: “But of course it would be nice to play again. There is no doubt.”




  1. ps: very happy for you & the way you have been moving forward…….VAMOS!!!!!!!: ) Us tennis fans are so happy & excited to see you competitive, charged up & current with your much improved serve & beautiful strong returns….. RAFA you are very special !!!!! Your tennis is like no one else s because it is filled w genuine passion & creativity!!!! Your extraordinary endurance & tennis are so much fun!!!!! You do not serve one pointers, and add up boring points…..or get easy easy easy draws in tournaments & grand Slams… and so please know we adore watching you and have high regard & respect for your efforts. You have an amazing movement & your focus w each point is precious to witness!!!!!!!!!! Despite all the subjective administrative politics that has been going on, politics that has zero to do w tennis talent or ability, plus behind the scene assignments of right out none professional bias umpires, subjective game coverage & poor late scheduling…..w all these interesting settled unnecessary obstacles, YOU dear Rafa Nadel constantly break the odds….. and prevail over & over because your game is bright w beautiful unbelievable shots & returns & it is highly competitive & strong & current!!!!!! You have such loyalty for your strong amazing team because they are there for you 100% !!!!!!!! They are effective and positive team that over the years has proven success and results w merit & tremendous class & sportsmanship…… It is uncle Toni and also not just family…..all the other guys are amazing & skillful & intelligent & most importantly loyal….. NO OTHER TENNIS PLAYER had that longitude privilege because no other tennis player is NADAL!!!!!!!! PLUS of course you have us your millions of fans & many top Companies who choose you as their front representative exactly because you have earned everyone’s respect & loyal support …… PEOPLE KNOW QUALITY & STARDOM when they see it…..that is why they rush to the stadium to get a close sit…..your matches are so brilliant and enjoyable…..and for all true purposes YOU ARE THE GENUINE GOAT!!!!!
    As usual, I don’t mean to go on & on but your tennis has given our family so much pleasure over the years and to many other families across the globe…..we are ever so grateful for that….and like other intelligent Tennis fans, we by now , see the entire picture and your blessed career moving forward. Please know that every match is a gift to all of us fans who enjoy watching you very much!!!!! You are THE GOAT & will always be most loved & admired & respected Tennis player ever lived!!!!! That is WHY YOU SELL most tickets & everyone loves watching you………. and if unable to be there, many many many of us stay up late no matter what time zone you play just so that we can watch your match LIVE & support you right there & then!!!! The admiring energy & love of your fans cuts right through the media screen and into your court!!!! ALWAYS !!!!!
    Your success is genuinely EARNED w your effort, sweat, determination & passion….. NO ONE comes near you dear Rafa with all your excellence & amazing steadfast on going achievements….. you stayed truthful to the game of tennis and not just rely on one point serve….. To those who follow tennis regularly it is rather obvious how other top players magically disappear from tournament they have already committed to play in & cancel scheduled play when you are around & play well ……….over & over we see it happened and we all know who those players are….and how well sheltered their trophies & careers are….. YOU on the other hand can hold your head up knowing that all along the way, your hard work & commitment earned you the grandiose statue in Tennis history!!!! You are the GOAT & you have all of us tennis fans all over the world cheering you!!!!! You will always be considered throughout Tennis history THE most passionate & determined player ever!!!!!!!!!!!! We all LOVE to watch your tennis filled w passion & determination!!!! VAMOS…..VAMOS…….VAMOS….. & God bless you!!!!!! : ) Enjoy playing for as long as you wish & have fun moving forward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What are you smoking? we all love to see Rafa wins again but being delusional won’t help. With current state of mind and game Rafa won’t be able to win any majors.

  2. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) It is a beautiful day : ) …..have a great day & good fun & fantastic time playing your own beautiful strong game!!!!!!…. You move beautifully on the court & it will be exciting to watch you play your magic on the net!!!!!! : ) ci…ci….ci….. VAMOS & God bless you!!!!!!! : )
    ps: with weather possible delays, get extra recharging….. it will be SO PRACTICAL …..enjoy nice meditation & very helpful for everything is to take a nap & sleep during the day to recharge & balance everything…… not only it feels good but always gives positive, strong energy!!!!! : ) : ) : ) VAMOS sweetheart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )
    Eat everything you love & have a fun resourceful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : )

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