PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal into Hamburg Open quarter-finals

Top seed Rafael Nadal beat Jiri Vesely in straight sets to reach the quarter-finals of the Hamburg Open. Rafa won 6-4, 7-6 (2) in two hours and 11 minutes.

After the match, Rafa said“I think I played a good match. Something that I am proud of today, very happy with, is my attitude and I’m very happy with the way that I played. I just need a little bit more consistency.”

Our champ will next meet Pablo Cuevas on Friday for a place in the semi-finals. The Uruguayan beat Jerzy Janowicz 6-3, 4-6, 6-2. Rafa won in three sets when the pair met in February in Rio de Janeiro.


Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Once again, I completely agree with J Beer, Tiger, and one or two other commenters who don’t have their heads buried in the sand regarding Rafa’s ATROCIOUS play today.

    To put this match in perspective, Jiri Vesely is ranked 45th in the world. He has a career 15-21 record on clay, 7-11 this year, which means he typically loses in the 1st or 2nd round of clay court tourneys. He has never beaten a top-10 player.

    And yet, despite his anemic record on this surface, he gave “The King Of Clay” all he could handle, breaking his serve 4 times, including 3 times in the 2nd set alone. Rafa had 30 winners versus 33 unforced errors, a very unimpressive ratio to say the least. He had 7 double faults and no aces. The vast majority of his forehands landed short of the service line, in the net, or even worse, BOUNCED into the net. On the few occasions that he missed long, he missed waaaaaaaaay long. Deep, penetrating, effective shots were few and far between. He spent the entire match waiting for Vesely to make unforced errors, instead of trying to force errors or hit outright winners himself.

    It was another EMBARRASSING performance by Rafa, continuing a 22-month pattern in that regard. To add insult to injury, he says he was “happy” with the way he played today–that he played “a good match.” Is he serious? Or was that a joke? Hopefully, for his sake, and for ours, it was the latter.

    If he continues to play like he did against Vesely and Verdasco, he won’t even make it to the final on Sunday. And even if he did somehow get there, he will be no match for Fognini, as we’ve seen twice already this year. A straight sets beat-down by Fabio will await him. Unless, of course, he makes major changes to his tactics, technique, and coaching staff. Pronto.


  2. I forgot to add an important comment. Rafa Keep attacking the net and you will beat them all. Love, Marylynn

  3. Contratulations on your win today Rafa. Best of luck tomorrow against Cuevas. Look, Maybe Rafa did not win so pretty with 33 unforced errors, 7 double falts, etc. But he did find a way to win. Considering his performance the last several months, for right now, I will take this! I want him to progressively improve in every way and get stronger. Every win for Rafa, will surely improve the mental side of his game. If his confidence and attitude improves by each and every match he wins, well he will become stronger physically – you can believe that!! So keep winning Rafa, and I hope each win is better than the last one. Love you Rafa, and God bless you. Love ya, Marylynn.

  4. I absolutely love Rafa and am a die hard fan but I can’t turn a blind eye to what is happening to him and the way he is playing. Just feel sooo bad for him. He hardly got his shots beyond the service line. A few of his shots were great but too few and far between. Some of the fans really seem to know the game and are looking at the situation as it is and writing what they feel. It sounds harsh but it is the truth. Others seems to be burying their heads I the sand. Sadly Rafa is completely out of form in every way. Maybe he could stop for a while and return when he really feels that he is close to his old self again. I would miss him greatly on the courts but this way – it hurts too much to see him as he is today. Too sad!

  5. A win is a win Rafael, stay positive and you know that you will hit best form as you progress

  6. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! : ) What a nice match……you moved unbelievably well all over the court & you had amazing long shots & cross court FH and many many beautiful BH……all that and still looked fresh & full of good endurance & energy!!!!: ) VAMOS!!!! Right now, I am seeing you watching your doubles partner game & am so happy you are there w your kind physio ….. Congratulations on your great win today!!!!! : ) Your game plan & strong shots are solid & powerful !!!!!!!!!!!!: ) VAMOS Have fun enjoying your sweet victory w your loved family & amazing team!!!! : ) VAMOS sweetheart & God bless you!!!!! : ) VAMOS : ) …..VAMOS : ) …..VAMOS : ) …..

    • Holy crap. You must be kidding. This was a very very bad performance. “You moved unbelievably well”? Wow. Ignorance. Don’t blame it on me when the next blow comes. But I have to tell you: it is coming soon, cause Rafa is playing HORRID.

      • Go support Djoker. Let Rafa fans enjoy him, as you obviously do not. Why do you need to come here and sneer? What does it do for you? What do you think it does for others? Rafa is not at his best. Duh. Don’t watch him then??!!??

      • @Debby: what are you? A propaganda toy? Why writing nonsense comments, call something that is white ‘black’. The truth is Nadal played horrible. And I have as much rights to say it as you have to write crap. My reality is the real one though.

      • We can do without people like you on this site. Support your own favourite but respect Rafael Nadal the most wonderful player.

    • @Elizabeth, aah, I see, ‘treating with respect’ means giving false feedback – saying Nadal played well when he obviously played badly? Get real, don’t be such a hypocrite!

  7. Always a fan of Rafael Nadal, but disappointed, expected Rafa to come back stronger than this, what is it Hombre,,, I expected a dominating force to come out strong, but your not even close to being your old self,, Too many short balls, Serve is off, an Weak,, sorry man but if you don’t get a whole lot better quick,, adios mu chacho ,,,,

  8. Sorry to be sour but once again it was bad, really bad. No signs of old Nadal returning. Ue’s with the FH galore.

      • I agree. I didn’t see the match but always have great hopes for Rafa. He deserves our support.

      • Some fans support Rafa by making EXCUSES for his 22-month slump. Other fans – such as yours truly – support him by offering SOLUTIONS for it. Not for Rafa’s attention, but for the attention of other fans. Nobody’s forcing you to read my comments. If you don’t like them, don’t read them. It’s that simple. Capiche?

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