PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses to Novak Djokovic in French Open

Rafael Nadal, always so tough to beat at French Open, has lost in the quarterfinals 5-7, 3-6, 1-6 to World No. 1 Novak Djokovic.

After the match, Rafa said: “I think I had my moments but in general Novak was in control most of the time. He was better than me. That’s it. There is only one sure thing, I want to work even harder than before to come back stronger.”

On Djokovic’s chances of winning his first French Open: “He’s probably in best moment of his career and he has a good chance to win.”

Not sad.

Not disappointed.

Not mad.

We are SO PROUD of this man. That’s how we feel right now.

Always with you, Rafa!


  1. Afolabi (are you a man or a women?) can’t tell by your name…anyway, what are you doing on a Rafa Nadal fan site????? You clearly are not a fan of his. You also keep repeating the same think over and over and over again, you’re giving me a headache. Go away, just please go away, you and your serbinator… you’re two of a kind. Even if Novak wins this thing, he will never be half the person that Rafa is. In sport it takes more than winning to be a great champion, this is something that your Serbinator will never achieve. Deal with it!!!!

  2. Sorry Afolabi but you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to work out that the way Novak is playing at the moment that he will probably win the French open but could you make up your mind because when Rafa won the last 9 years you said it was gods wish now he has lost its now Rafa’s fault

  3. Nadal, congratulations for a great match! Don’t worry and be happy next year you will come back stronger, you are a fighter!!! Remember, you are the KING of RG 9 times!!! Happy Birthday!!!

  4. First of all, happy birthday to the one and only King of clay, Rafa Nadal! Don’t worry, be happy Rafa! It took Novak 10 (ten) years to win from you on your favorite surface and he won today, because of your not 100% form. We understand! Your body needs rest and an operation means that you have to be careful and protect your body. Nole winning today doesn’t mean he will win RG…….We wish you all the best and you are a good loser! You have a very good professional attitude and that’s a thing I admire in you! You are my idol! Forever Rafa! Aruba loves you!

  5. The actual build-up and hype and constant analysis surrounding this match was such over-kill. It was as if you knew Novak was going to finally beat Rafa here before he even
    stepped on the court. I got so turned off by Novak who was so agitated they didn’t
    water the clay after he won the first set, I turned off the match for an hour. He’s such a diva.

    So Rafa lost for the 2nd time in the qtr finals in a decade. What happened after his
    first loss to Soderling, he came back and won here for the next 5 years. It’s so difficult to defend these GS titles and he certainly defied all the odds and expectations.

    You can’t win every single match or tournament no matter how great a champion you are.
    I hope Rafa enjoys his birthday with his family and team. They all deserve a happy
    celebration. At the end of the day, it’s just a match and life goes on!

    I will now root for either Murray or Tsonga to win here!

    Looking forward to seeing Rafa in all white at Wimbledon. Until then relax and be happy!
    You’re the best!

  6. Rafa I am devastated for you and I have shed inconsolable tears but I must dry them as it is your birthday. NOVAK may never lift the Roland GARROS TROPHY and you will still and always be King.. Wawrinka ( whom I do not think is your friend,he pretends ) he is still in it but I hope Tsonga or Murray takes it. Novak really only wanted to beat you on your Turf. I wish him luck but you are my favourite of all times

  7. Dear Rafa: So sorry you were not the Victor. You are really the better player, but you need to belief that. You must change it up when you play against Djokovic And, many times today, because of your predictability you allowed Novak to control the match. And I mean this: you are a better tennis player than Novak please start believing this. Novak did nothing great today. Remove him from your thoughts. We in this household will always love you
    and cheer you on. And I know you will win #15 very soon! You will forever be number 1. God Bless you Rafa. Love, Marylynn



  8. According to RN, winning or losing requires suffering. Enough suffering today.

    Happy birthday to Rafael Nadal. Party hard and come back to fight another day! No one else
    shows such grace and dignity in the face of victory or defeat. Wimbledon lies ahead.

  9. As Ruth said Rafa played poorly – the worst in RG upto now. No big credit to Novak who is at peak and Rafa at his worst.

    Hope Rafa changes some mental and tennis issues – he must learn to address problems that have been accompanying him for an long time now – hope he returns in best form.

    Hope Andy or Tsonga or even Wawrinka win the FO.

    • No Tiger, It’s Novak’s destiny go win it this year. I predicted all this before, but nobody would listen to me!

      All the same, Nadal will come back next year to reclaim it.
      Novak has become unbeateable.
      That is the truth.

  10. Better days willc ome because Rafa is able to think about the reasons he looses! Next year with other strategy and better physical he ll be back!

  11. Rafa is still our man We love him …..he will live to fight another day. Winnipeg, Manitoba Rafa Fan Club. Canada. Jean Palmer and pals..

  12. Happy Birthday Rafa – you made it exciting as always – you will always be my favourite player – now go party!

  13. I am sorry for Rafa! But you will come back better and stronger. I will always support you🌷

  14. I am so sad for Rafa but I think we all knew it was coming I am gutted but I guess nobody can win it forever and I hoping now that the French open has gone the preasurecwill be off nasal and then the only way is up again and I hope anybody but Novak wins he is so smug but he may win every tournament going but he hasn’t won the peoples heart like Rafa .I hope he can still enjoy his birthday and that as he said its only a game xx

  15. Luv u Rafa 💗 always. My heart is very heavy n sad for you, but I know you will be back to your old self. You are a gentleman. God bless you n your family always. 🌷 🌸 🌹 🌹 🌹 . Looking forward to the next tournament. 💜💚💙🌺🌻💟💝💕🌹🍀🌸🌼🌷🌾🍁🎂 . Enjoy the evening. Always remember at the end of the tunnel der is a light of hope.. Bye. Don’t be sad. Djokovic will not win the french open.

    • No, Niketa, Djokovic is destined to win the FO this year. Remember that I had tried to warn everybody here on this site, but no one would listen to me!

      You cannot expect a different result, doing the same thing over and over again. While Nadal has remained static in strategy using Uncle Toni, Novak has all these years been carefully analysing Nadal’s game.his strength and weaknesses,

      Novak kept changing coaches until he got Marian Vadja, still he wasn’t satisfied with Marian and he eventually added Boris to his team. Now you can see the result – THE CREATION OF AN UNBEATEABLE MACHINE!

      However, Nadal will win it again next year……No……

  16. Really no interest left in French open .No tennis without Rafa. Hope he will strike again .

  17. Rafa Nadal Fans, exactly how I feel. Rafa, we love you! As you said, tennis is not everything. It’s just a match. Happy Birthday! Eagerly waiting to see your next match!

  18. Rafa did as he promised, he gave it his all. I think I broke some cat eardrums in that first set when he came back for 4 games.
    I also believe he still has some great tennis in him, and obviously, no one will ever match his RG record. Let’s win some clay tournaments to take the record there.
    I will now be routing for Andy or Tsonga.

    • Well, you can rout all you can for Andy or Tsonga, but Novak will win the 2015 FO and complete his career GS. That’s his destiny.

      But Nadal will surely comeback….to win the FO again!

  19. As Rafa has said before he may lose a match, but it is not the end of the world. Well played, but Nole played better today – you will be back. Vamos Rafa!!

  20. Tears in my eyes and my heart hurts so much:(:(

    I will always behind Rafa and support him! We love you Rafa!!!

  21. He played terrible today. Everyone is acting like Novak is the new King of Clay, He is the king of nothing. He has not won the French Open yet, and if he does it will be Rafa 9, Novak 1.
    Rafa will be back, he always does. Love you

  22. Our great champion was as ever the essence of dignity and grace. I am disappointed for Rafael but know that he will be back. Millions of us will always support him. Congrats to Novak

  23. I am sad but know that Rafa will find his way back—just hope that Murray or Ferrer stop Djokovic from making the final….always with Rafa–still great!!!

    • Toujours avec toi Rafa tu reviendras encore plus fort prochain.. Bonne anniversaire rafa malgré cette défaite ti es un immense champion et un garçon merveilleux dans le respect de tes adversaires toujours très humain jamais tu ne critique. Tu es remplit de gentillesse.. A bien vite en pleine forme VAMPS RAFA MON CHAMPION 💓

    • Toujours avec toi Rafa tu reviendras encore plus fort prochain.. Bonne anniversaire rafa malgré cette défaite Tu restes et resteras toujours un immense champion et un garçon merveilleux dans le respect de tes adversaires toujours Tu es toujours très humain jamais tu ne les critique. Tu es remplit de gentillesse.. A bien vite en pleine forme VAMOS RAFA MON CHAMPION 💓 NE baisse pas les bras Donne ns encore cette adrénaline qui nous fais tellement vibrer à chacun de tes matc pensées 💜 Rafa pour le futur sur gazon.

    • Nobody CAN stop the Serbinator, Dear Betty. Novak has been working very hard analysing Nadal and Roger all these years and he has finally decoded both of them, especially Nadal!

      Well, that’s life! While Nadal wasted considerable time on the useless game of poker, Novak was busy tweaking and retweaking his game.UNTIL IT BECAME PERFECT!

      As it is, he is now the SERENA WILLIAMS of men’s tennis.

      Novak is a machine; no one can stop him because he is simply UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!!!!

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