Rafa Roundup: Rafael Nadal Has Confirmed He’s Not An Alien

Rafael Nadal of Spain gets a towel by a ball boy as he plays against Andrey Kuznetsov of Russia during their third round match for the French Open tennis tournament at Roland Garros in Paris, France, 30 May 2015. (Tenis, Francia, Rusia, España) EFE/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT
Rafael Nadal gets a towel by a ball boy as he plays against Andrey Kuznetsov during their third round match for the French Open tennis tournament at Roland Garros in Paris, France, 30 May 2015. EFE/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT


“It will be not fair if I say that I am not happy about what happened this first week, being fourth round without losing a set,” said Nadal. “I think playing solid, consistent. That’s what I need to. Then I arrive the second week and you know that you have to go that extra step to have chances. So I hope to have a good practice tomorrow and be ready to play a great match on Monday, because I will need it.

Nadal said both he and coach Uncle Toni watch Internet video of new opponents, compare notes on what they see then devise a tactical game-plan. “You can find videos out on the Internet, so is nothing very difficult,” Nadal said. “Normally I try to watch few videos on Internet and then try to create an opinion and try to think about what I have to do to try to bother a little bit him. I see that Toni is doing the same. Then we talk, and when that happens, the normal thing is you go on court, you try to do your game.”

“I didn’t expect him to win that much, but perhaps not either him,” Kuerten said. “Because it’s really too much. Nine of ten years. I’m sure it will never happen again. It’s impossible. So how can — if he would think this way would be amazing, but he lives this way. Perhaps he didn’t think that much whether bet on expectations, but he live this way.” Informed of Kuerten’s comments, a smiling Nadal provoked laughter from the media for reaffirming he is not an extraterrestrial sent from space to conquer clay. “First of all, I am from this planet, I think,” Nadal said. “Second thing, thanks to Guga for the words. Third thing, is true that is probably a tough record to beat. But at the same time, I tell you one thing: If I did, you know, somebody else can do it.

“I don’t know if there is any time to have a better chance than not to play Rafa on clay,” Sock said. “It’s always going to be an extremely tough match, and always a tough battle. But obviously I do have confidence right now. I am playing some good tennis. But once again, he’s the King of Clay, they call it. It will be more of an exciting match and one I look forward to.”

“He’s a great player, no?” said Nadal, who has never played Sock. “He’s playing fantastic, winning very tough matches against very difficult opponents like [Grigor] Dimitrov, Pablo Carrena and today against [Borna] Coric. He has an amazing forehand, good serve, very good serve, and then he’s a player that can play very aggressive and is dangerous, no? I know I have to be very solid. I know I have to play aggressive, try to don’t let him to hit the forehand in positions, because I am going to be in big trouble.

I’m still very annoyed the tournament didn’t put him to the No. 2 seed where he should have been. This tournament does have that right, but they’ve never done that. I’m not sure playing Djoker earlier or later at the moment is a great thing. I think Rafa is playing a lot better. Obviously, he’s been amazing at this place. I think the way Rafa is, he won’t be focused on [Novak] yet.

Rafael Nadal of Spain changes his shirt between games during the men's singles match against Andrey Kuznetsov of Russia at the French Open tennis tournament at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris, France, May 30, 2015.        REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes
REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes

Nadal has won 7,160 points at Roland Garros, and the mythical aura that he has built on Court Philippe Chatrier has his opponents, and the tennis world, presuming he is also putting up invincible numbers in this critical metric. Nothing could be further from the truth.




  1. Ola & VAMOS dear Rafa!!!! : ) Congratulations on your last win …..you played beautifully!!!! : ) I loved that your last winning point was with your beautiful backhand!!!! : ) ci…ci…ci…. that was so cool!!! : ) Such a joy to see your fantastic game! Your focus Rafa is so rare….bless your heart, and your passion on the court plus your tennis moves are so fun & wonderful to watch!!! Best wishes & Enjoy your wins & have a nice evening & plenty of extra sleep!!!! Have lots of fun tomorrow & enjoy your awesome movement on the court, your powerful serve, your effective backhand, unbelievable Forehand, creative net coverage and above all…. your beautiful sportsmanship on the court. You are one class act dear Rafa and God bless you!!! : ) VAMOS & Best wishes always !!!!!!! : )

  2. Tennis is often boring without you! Never give up.
    I am battling cancer and under a lot of stress because I am still supporting my family, but watching your matches gives me joy!
    I would love to see you win this open. I know you can.

  3. Brilliant so far Rafa ,hope it continues to go well for you ,I have to admit ,,,,I did say a little prayer for you today when I was in church ,,,,,vamos Rafa ,I wish you continued progress and hope fully you will lift the trophy again ,

  4. excellent rafa !!! tu es bien là , reste concentré excellent ….. ALLEZ RAFA tu peut le faire pour toi et pour nous , 10 titres jamais un joueur là fait , il est pour toi le 10 ème titre …

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