Rafael Nadal loses Madrid Open final to Andy Murray [PHOTOS]

Four-time champion Rafael Nadal had to experience a defeat against Andy Murray on clay. The Scot, who won his first tournament on clay last week, picked up a 6-3, 6-2 win Sunday over Rafa in the final of the Mutua Madrid Open.

Rafael Nadal: “Congratulations Andy. You played much better than me today so good luck for Roland Garros and the rest. Clearly it wasn’t the match I hoped to have. It’s not a nice way to end what has been a very positive and important week for me. I’m looking forward to Rome and French Open now.”

Andy Murray: “To play Rafa in Spain is always extremely tough. But this is the reason why we play, for these matches. One of the toughest things to do is beat Rafa on clay, and I’m glad I was able to do it today.” (via BBC)

Our Champ will play the tournament in Rome next week.


  1. From this point onwards, it may either get better or worse. It’s 50-50 for Rafa’s game to get better or worse.
    Novak is coming to Rome hence (realistically), I don’t see how Rafa can win there. It’s mission IMPOSSIBLE.

    He seriously needs to repackage his game. as so many of his deft moves of yester years are now known to every body. Well, every body except Richard Gasquet and presumably, Roger Federer too.

    I will stop supporting Rafa the day Richard Gasquet beats him.

  2. Time to change your coach or RETIRE! Watching you play is now pure torture. Maybe it’s your wrist?

  3. I`m sad too but its okay. If you can`t change your coach juz add one……good luck…..

  4. Congrats to Andy for finally beating Rafa on clay. Andy has been nipping at Rafa’s heels
    for years and he finally achieved that goal. I just dread the next time they face each other
    on clay! Rafa will totally make him pay. I remember how Andy struggled to get the
    monkey off his back to finally win Wimbledon. So I am happy for Andy. Again I really
    do find these heartfelt rivalries one of the backbones of this sport. They are riveting!

    I honestly believe Rafa had a terrific result in Madrid. He just came up short today! It happens! No shame in that especially against another terrific competitor and self-determined athlete. Andy struggled for a very long time following his back surgery over a year ago and he finally returned to his best form in 2015. Rafa is certainly on that same path to his best form! He played an outstanding match yesterday against Tomas.

    To me, this isn’t a setback but a giant step forward, Look how the Great Serena Williams
    and Maria Sharapova lost in the semi-finals! It happens even to the great ones! But
    what they all do best is re-group, re-bound and move forward and not dwell on the past!

    I’m still a true believer that Rafa will perform just fine by the time he reaches the French
    Open! Win or lose, I never, ever under-estimate Rafa.

  5. That smile can melt a million hearts…something needs to change…hate seeing you lose so badly Rafa ..against Tomas you were awesome…just wasn’t there today …your army of fans will still be there…onwards to the next tournament Vamos Rafa

  6. My King Of Clay & Tennis Is Back <3 <3 Yey !! Can't Win them all 🙁 ,Better days to come ,Be Strong ,take care Rafa & Good Luck In Next Matches <3 <3 🙂 Lv u alwaysX0

  7. maybe its time to change coaches all the other players do eventually he needs new stragety he has had a great record and if he wants to win more majors he needs a fresh prespective

  8. I too am sad at Rafa’s loss today. He played a terrible match and I am disappointed to the point that I will no longer be a Rafa fan UNTIL HE CHANGES HIS COACH. Tony has done what he could but it is over. RAFA NEEDS A NEW COACH!!!

  9. It has not been the real Rafa for some time. Please come back Rafa I so want you to win Rolland Garros for the 10th time and we are all with you. You have let these guys into your head. It is your fault for doing so, you are the best clay court player in history . Please do not lose your mojo. Come right back please!!!

  10. I am actually in tears guys. Still tough to believe what happened their in the court. I thought i’ll be able to accept Rafa’ losses but it’s really tough. I cant watch it. O GOD !!

  11. You are a champion Rafa my boy. So graceful in defeat, although I could sense the sadness in your heart. It was not your day for some reason. We love you for yourself win or lose, n we know you will get back your old form. Keep smiling. Vamos, Vamos, Vamos next week Rafa. God bless you. Hugs from your Aussie Nana. xxx😄😃😀

  12. Just didn’t happen for our champion this evening. These things happen . We support and love our champion always . His grace and dignity shine through . The essence of class. He is unique and let us suppprt him always .

  13. I feel sick to my stomach after yesterdays game I thought Rafa had this one in the bag but he seems to have taken backward steps I don’t know what the answer is I’m gutted

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