Watch Rafael Nadal’s Hot Shot Against Andy Murray – Madrid Open Final 2015

Rafael Nadal had to find something special to save this break point during the final of the Mutua Madrid Open against Andy Murray. Watch:

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Congratulations dear Rafa for playing in the Madrid Final…..!!! : ) You played really well, and stayed w the match….and an important miscall , when you were coming through strongly, breaking his serve in the first set 15:40, somehow turned things around and he got away w it…. Andy circled w his racquet an area that was no where near the good corner shot you put in so beautifully, and the empire made a mistake by not coming down his chair to double check…. and your good point was called off…. the crowd though, AS all of us fans watching at home, we all saw the miscall clearly……

    You are back dear Rafa and your game is stronger & stronger …..Best wishes for the rest of the season!!!: )

  2. I’m very surprised of that loss. Murray is playing well but…..come on, he never has been a clay specialist and he probably won’t win any more clay tournament. Rafa was playing match by match better and better but today he has played worse than ever. Sincerely I don’t understand what is going on, he is healthy and he has played enough matches to recovery his confidence. He says that he needs to win to get the confidence but I think that he should play with more confidence to win
    Rafa please, try to forget the tough times due to the injuries, think that you have enough game to beat to anyone. The mind has more power than anything else

  3. Gracious in defeat even though a devastating loss. Hopefully we will see our Champ lift the trophy in Rome. Vamos Rafa!

  4. I will always support Rafa win or lose but I think we have to come to terms with the fact that Rafa winning the French open or even being in the final is looking slim I have never seen him play like this before and I wonder if he will ever get back to where he was with so many new players coming up.I think he needs to look at his game and make changes as players like Novak and Andy have cracked how to play him so his game now needs to move on and step up another level because if he drops down below 5 he will face the big players earlier and then I fear he will never get back . I think I would rather Rafa pull out of the French open than face a terrible defeat but I know that’s not his way .Don’t think I can bear to watch the French open this year my heart is with you Rafa is

  5. SKY TV commentators were so biased and fawning over Andy Murray . I like Andy but these guys were pathetic . Showed little respect for one of the greatest players and sportsmen in the game . Rafael was the essence of grace after the match . He will be okay and we will always support him . Keep faith for Roland Garros . I have been there many times to see him lift the trophy. Due to an accident and surgery am curtailed at present but still hoping to be fit enough to travel. Rafa forever our champion .

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