Rafa Roundup: ‘I haven’t lost my game’, says Nadal

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images


“I know things are going to work out,” said Nadal. “I haven’t lost my game. I just need to build my confidence and it’ll work out. I know that either sooner or later it will come back. That’s what I want to think. I’m convinced about it. It’s matter of time. Let’s see when it happens.”

Now things get tricky for Rafa fans. The 14-time major champion isn’t bouncing back like he always has before. He’s already lost seven matches this season. Twice he’s lost on clay to second-tier player Fabio Fognini. In Miami, he fell to fellow veteran Fernando Verdasco, who’s ranked 34th in the world. Coming up on his 29th birthday, Nadal seems to be heading for a massive faceplant into his beloved Parisian clay in a few weeks. Maybe the crash won’t happen this year. Maybe he’ll find his form this month and out-slug World No. 1 Novak Djokovic once again. He’s an all-time great: it’s very possible.

“Este año está siendo más irregular de lo que me gustaría, pero lo acepto e intento trabajar para recuperar confianza. Hay que seguir trabajando hasta que las cosas salgan bien. Estoy convencido de que van a salir bien; no sé si será en este torneo, el siguiente o dentro de un año, pero saldrán. Falta recuperar la tranquilidad, la calma. Sé que tarde o temprano la voy a recuperar”, aseguró Nadal.

“Cualquier educador deber ser flexible y versátil. Lo que es válido para Rafael no lo es necesariamente para Federer u otro jugador. Otra cosa es que haya puntos sobre los cuales no se puede ser condescendiente, como la corrección. En la etapa formativa, el entrenador ha de estar siempre por encima del jugador. Tiene que haber una autoridad moral. No concibo una forma de entrenar distinta a un modo de proceder fuera de la pista”, comenta a este periódico en un hotel madrileño, a dos días del debut de Rafael Nadal en el Mutua Madrid Open.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images
Clive Brunskill/Getty Images




  1. I used to receive emails about Rafa all the time , but since Wednesday I have not got anything from Rafael Nadal’s fans. Please keep emailing me about Rafa. I am a Great Fan Of Rafa! Thanks

  2. Definitely ! Rafa you didn’t lost your game these dumb commentators and interviewers always has a lot of garbage to talk about you ! We your fans always believe in you and know you will rise and shine again just keep at the net more and don’t stand too far behind the baseline you are right on today you were amazing congrats !

  3. I am fed up of commentators talking about Rafa’a loss of form . Get over it guys, he is a champion and all players go through bad patches. Rafael is working his way back. We believe in him. Vamos Rafaaaaa

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