Rafael Nadal Explains Why He’s Gone Back To His Old Racquet

Photo: Felipe Sevillano/Mutua Madrid Open
Photo: Felipe Sevillano/Mutua Madrid Open

(dpa) Rafael Nadal revealed on Sunday that he will return to his old racquet after weeks of testing a new one as he attempts to start reversing his clay-court slide by winning a fifth title at the Madrid Masters.

“I’m changing back because I believe that I’ve been playing a lot of years with this racquet. I’ve had very little time to play with the new one. 

I know that the other (new) racquet is the right one, and I’ll play well with it in the future. But I had just few days to prepare with that racquet just before Monte Carlo. 

I know that here we play in altitude and I have a little less control with the new one. I’m going to play with the old one, with this one, until the end of the season when I have enough time to train with the new prototype and time to adapt to it.”

Source: dpa


  1. realy pleased to hear your going back to your old racket nothing like tried and true, your loyal friend now you will play them out of their socks, those other boysxx

  2. Changes are good sometimes but the new one didn’t do him any good glad he find the solution for his racquet ! Bring them on Rafa old is gold !

  3. I had a feeling he might go back, the new one could a factor in his recent poor playing.

  4. I didn’t think that the break-up between Rafa and his old reliable racquet would last that long, anyway. So glad they reconciled.

    That racquet is like an extension of his control, power and self-confidence. Though it was a good idea to try out the new technology racquet which I’m sure will come in handy in the near future provided he has more time to adjust to it. Always good to have a back-up racquet within his already amazing arsenal of weapons!

    Vamos Rafa!

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