An Interview with Rafael Nadal – Barcelona Open, April 23, 2015

“I played a bad match, there is no question about it. I wasn’t able to be aggressive, I made more mistakes than usual and wasn’t able to make the most of the advantage that I had at some points”.

“Right now all I can do is accept a situation that is obviously a serious blow, especially after the confidence I gained in Monte-Carlo. I can either accept this or die, and since I want to keep playing I can only learn from this experience and work even harder. All I can say is that I need to improve and I’ll do everything I can do be back on my feet again”.

“I don’t know what’ll happen in the future. Last week was extremely positive whereas this one was just the opposite. I have to begin again and try to get to the level I had in Monte-Carlo. I beat Ferrer and although I lost against Djokovic, I felt really confident”.

“As of now there is absolutely no hope. I want to thank all my fans, everyone who has supported me, the brilliant organization… This is one of the best ATP 500 tournaments and this club is definitely one of the best clubs in the whole world. The only message of hope I can give is that I’ll keep working”.

“I hope all the ups and downs will eventually come to an end and that I’ll be able to keep up with a good level. Sadly I wasn’t able to do so today…”.

“Fognini played well, I mean he won the match because he deserved it and it’s obvious I didn’t. I couldn’t push him back so I just want to congratulate him”.

“I have to work hard to be better at defending and attacking. Both my forehand and backhand were awful, I just didn’t hit the ball with strength. My strength comes from my forehand and if my forehand is vulgar my way of playing is vulgar… my forehand was in no way worthy of my ranking and my career. I am deeply ashamed and frustrated, such a performance cannot happen again”.

“It’s not a matter of anxiety, it’s a matter of technique. I’m obviously going to get nervous if I don’t hit the ball the way I should”. “I am the one who wins or loses, the racket is just a help. I’m very grateful to Babolat for their contribution and I can assure you the racket had nothing to do with today’s defeat”.

“When you play with really small margins it’s extremely easy to lose because the match is decided in just a few balls. I should have made a difference before instead of waiting until the end of the second set”.

“Today was a bad day. I am convinced I’ll get to my best level soon”.

Source: Barcelona Open


  1. So sad to see Rafa down, bt he has to work on his concetration &calmness on the court, Madrid & Rome should be spark off to Roland Garros, hopefuly it works. Vamos Rafa!!

  2. Rafa, Please dont crumble under pressure. Maybe, this is a lean patch you are going through. Its true that your groundstrokes are not the same as before. But, form is temporary, class is permanent. You are gonna get back there. I still think you can win 1-2 slams.

    • Beautifully said! I’m going all the way to RG (12 hrs flight) too see you fight with that class again! Vamos!

  3. I can’t stop crying about Rafa….. Hope he improves soon…. Still hoping he wins 10th French
    Open.. My only wish for him at this point. Take care and think….. Need to beat Djoker..
    Someone has to….please…

  4. As much I admire Rafa as a iconic sportsman and one of the greatest ever to have played the sport, u cannot ignore that injuries, lack of form, stiff competition , mental doubts have created a vacuum towards top performances, can it be done at Roland garos, why not, but the foundation of it has to be kept at Rome and Madrid , a very difficult yet possible job, djokovic , berdych etc will try to break this aura of invincibility before they reach RG …how it will take shape…answer to that no one has … Only time will tell… A fan among billion

  5. Rafa you should never be ashamed…you have given so much to tennis and achieved more than your wildest dreams…we your fans adore you and hate to see you downcast…only you can get through this tough time but you mustn’t lose your fighting spirit there are always solutions…anyway the second set could have gone your way!!…stay strong…don’t be so honest about confidence issues not a good sign to send to your opponents…you will get there…Vamos Rafa

  6. From the heart of a humble fan to an equally humble heart: Your fans are behind you TOTALLY; we believe in you and are still loudly, and wildly cheering for you.

    We love you Rafa; God bless your gentle heart.

  7. It is only a matter of confidence. How can he play so well against Nole, Ferrer and Isner and then have this loss? It is only a matter of confidence and the ghosts of Rio came back today. I am staring to believe too that he needs a fresh opinion from a different coach or a sport psicologist. He stills has all that is needed to be at the top. There is no other player that excites me to watch a tennis match than Rafa and I will support him all the way! If there is no Rafa there is no tennis for me. You could see it in Montecarlo. The match Nole/ Rafa was exciting. With Berdych it was as cold as they are in spite I don’t have nothing against them. Rafa, you will always be the best and #1 for me!!!! I love you and i love Xisca too!!

  8. Mi Ángel es solamente un hombre…yes, Rafa is not a good, and that is what makes him so special. Any other top ten on his place would be smashing rackets, yelling at coaches, blaming the food, blaming the water, the wind, the weather, etc etc etc.
    I think he is humble enough to handle this.
    It will pass. The only surprise is that it hadnt happened before and that, apart from the injuries, he had been so regular this far.

  9. Nicely expressed Rafa…We your fans believe in you. Losing a match is not really losing at all but an opportunity to learn for the win in the future. Go go go RAFA!!! The wind of change still blows…..

  10. Can’t imagine tennis without Rafa. Rafa, you really need to talk to some professional outside family and friends. Work on your psyche – mental side – not so much tennis. Forget tennis and do mental work – mirror work, affirmations, meditation etc.. Love you! ❤️😊

  11. My heart is breaking for Rafa. It’s so difficult to watch him so deflated. Please dont be so frustrated with yourself Rafa. It will all come good again. Vamos Rafa!

  12. I haven’t had opportunity to watch the match but like all Rafa’s fans appreciate his honesty after the defeat. Hopefully he can shake off this defeat as he has done in the past and prove all his critics wrong. When Fognini beat him the first time he didn’t capatalise on his win and lost in the next round. We will see in the next few days whether this talented Italian can produce some consistency in his career.

  13. Hola Rafa
    I don’t know if you ever will read this.
    Don’ t be so uppset. You are still great player. There is nothing wrong with your technic. You know it. All mistakes happen in the brain. Tennis is mentally the most difficult sport and you know it. Find help of some proffesional outside your team and family. Maybe some very good psychologist can get his-her work in your team. Meditations vill help too. You dont need to hit more balls on the court. You know it all.
    I will always support you.
    Wish you all the best.
    Vamos Rafa!

  14. Apart from the fact that it is difficult coming back from injury, Rafa’s game has become too predictable for top-level opponents. He seriously needs to change his tactics by adding a new brillant mind to his coaching crew, like what Novak did.
    Rafa should not expect to get a different result doing the same thing the same way for over 10 years! Meanwhile, all top-level opponents have made changes to their game within those years.The environment has changed, so Rafa needs to change as well. Afterall, the only thing that is permanent in life is CHANGE!
    I still support him, but I really don’t see him prevailing at the 2015 French Open, unless a miracle happens. His chances are getting slimmer and slimmer by the day.

    Vamoss Rafa!!!

  15. Rafa you are an amazing man and no win or loss changes that fact. I respect and honour you for your character, your integrity, honest and wonderful values. You stand head and shoulders above anyone else in the field of Tennis. May you look in the mirror beyond winning and losing knowing that it is who you are that people love.

  16. Dear Rafa, Ola …. I like your attitude and replies in the interview….yes, acceptance is key in everything and it is what brings renewed energy to move forward. This match is no big deal….it is what it is….. just another match w lessons…. The good news is that you played Rafa, and we watch you come back at the end strongly, making your shots again….coming back from 4:1 TB …. I love that you are open to learning from each match…that is your strength and ambition…and please trust there is no need to explain yourself to nobody any further….just enjoy time off & recharge with knowing we are all with you wishing you the best!!!

    I noticed Fognini always plays soft & under in the beginning, than in the middle of first set he usually start to hit harder to surprise the opponents … pressure etc… but his serve was on and off… he is unpredictable so it is hard to adopt to his movement… It was good your coming back was awesome and strong. I am 100% convinced that if there was extra 10 minutes the match would have had a different outcome… So all in all Rafa, please take your good points, your positive attitude in the match, the ace, the serve , etc… and your good concentration with that great look you had on saying ” can do this ” along with your increased intensity at the end – all of that was very nice to watch VAMOS! Best wishes Rafa & have a nice evening, w favorite foods and loving company!!! : )

  17. I am not a blind fan. I follow every match. There are things no one can take from you.
    It is the honesty of accepting a “bad day” without looking for excuses or blaming X Y or Z. Must I reveal to you that THAT is precisely the stuff that gifted and talented people are made of ?
    Acknowledging the need to work hard and strive to do better is NOT everybody’s natural way of facing a reversal.
    Please remember that for thousands of people – mainly young and some very young – you serve a living example of fortitude, a model to emulate.
    What YOU Rafa, tell to these youngsters is : “See even if I lost a match today, I do not despair of doing better tomorrow. Not by wishing for better luck but by working harder and doing my best to improve”.
    Please for the sake of thousands that look up to you as a honest, frank, hard working and never despairing model, keep smiling and tell them never to give up.
    Who can ever guess how many youngsters, and why not mature people, will pick up this encouraging spirit of yours and stand on their feet and say: If Rafa does it, so can I”.
    VAMOS !

  18. Yes, Rafa, Maria from England, is right. This IS heart-breaking, but I want you to know that your true fans will always remember all the good things you stand for and will always root for you to win! You have demonstrated, since you were a youngster, your good values: honesty, respect, love of family, friends and country, and hard work. Your achievements have arisen because of those values. You have accomplished much and we all know you wish to continue your tennis career. Of this you can be certain, we will stand firm, rooting for you all the way! VAMOS RAFA!!!

  19. Esse é um momento para poucos…quando já se conquistou tanto, encontrar forças para se superar.
    Quando olhamos para a prateleira e vemos todos os troféus que sonhamos conquistar, vencemos todos os adversários que um dia desejamos enfrentar.
    Mas esquecemos que nosso maior adversário esta dentro de nos.
    Chegou a hora de um dos maiores tenistas de todos os tempos
    buscar forças, não para vencer os outros, mas para vencer a si mesmo.

  20. Oh my god this is heart breaking hearing Rafa saying his playing was vulgar and he’s deeply ashamed you are not playing your best at the moment but you are one if the best tennis players there has ever been and nothing can take that away nobody can stay at the top forever and you have to remember you were winning majors at a very early age but please don’t feel like this you are sounding very fragile please uncle Toni and Rafa’s parents put your heads together and get him to feel better in himself again bring in someone new sometimes family are to close to see things that an outsider can

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