VIDEO: Rafael Nadal vs Fabio Fognini Highlights – Barcelona Open 2015

Fabio Fognini went looking for his second successive win over Rafael Nadal when the pair met in the third round in Barcelona.

Video: Barcelona Open


  1. Totally understand the sentiments and love…. just wish to mention that Nadal can express sadness after a loss….it is natural and it is good he can be himself with out having to put up artificially happy face just for a show. His few missing balls cost him the match… and so of course it would feel disappointing… clearly he was ready on the court, had opportunities, and his overall game is back….and running out of time to turn the match around was understandably disappointing. He had momentum and presence to move forward on the tour… He is a public figure and the best kindness us fans can offer is to be accepting with him, offer encouragement, and above all trust Rafa knows what his next step is…. Such an insightful, intelligent man, he has what it takes to decide for himself what is right for him. He has integrity to share w all of us his genuine reaction, and we need to respect that. He is an astute player, practical, wise, & realistic and with all of us fans behind him & his family and friends, he will continue his blessed process. VAMOS dear Rafa & God bless you!!! : ) Best wishes & have a nice break!!!!! : )

  2. Oh, my–what an interview. “Absolutely no hope…” “Accept or die,” “vulgar,” etc., sounds so full of despair compared to other ties he has lost. I am really afraid he is out of self-confidence in his forehand and almost conceding more matches. Even as he adds a bit of pep talk, to me he looks drained and lost, and I hope his family, friends, and Uncle Toni can pull him out of his funk. This might signal to the next opponents that he can be intimidated and beaten because he is feeling so inadequate. I am no psychologist, but haven’t we, as teachers seen kids go through a poor esteem defeated stage because of low grades? When I saw the looks on the faces of his dad and all the others on his team, I thought it telegraphed their concern as to how he could deal with the defeats and not about his physical condition. Have a safe trip with Nikki and Little Grant, and enjoy the AZ loved ones. ✈️ 😊

    Phyl S From iPad


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