Rafael Nadal visited golf club in Barcelona (1)

Photo: EFE/Alejandro García

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  1. Nadal is like a tornado.
    You can experience its power and you are powerless to explain what it does to you.
    Nadal is a phenomenon that stretches far beyond tennis.
    It is because Nadal is the sort of hero that makes one feel that he, Nadal, fights not only for himself, not to win the match, not to earn another trophy but that he fights for YOU, he struggles instead of YOU.
    Watching Nadal muster his strength, the onlooker feels the effort in his own guts.
    Very much like those medieval champion knights, Nadal is the hero we all dream to become.
    Since we cannot all be such a figure, Nadal stands there on the court fighting for everyone of us.
    This goes far beyond a pleasant form of sport and it is wonderful.
    No doubt millions of tennis fans became so because of Nadal.

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