Rafael Nadal: “I don’t think I forgot how to play tennis!”

(AP) Relaxed, tanned and smiling, Rafael Nadal looks more than happy to return to his favorite surface after a mediocre start to the season during which he believed he was in the worst form of his life.

Photo: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters
Photo: Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters

“This tournament marks the start of my favorite part of the season,” Rafa told reporters Sunday as he bids for a ninth title in Monte Carlo. “I know that I have to play better than what I did. I’m working to be playing well again as soon as possible. If I did not believe in my chances, I would not be here. I would be doing other stuff, because I already achieved all the things I needed to do in my career. I still have the passion and motivation to keep playing tennis.”

“For me, the most important is the mental part, because I don’t think I forgot how to play tennis. From playing bad to playing well, there is not a very big difference. It’s just small things that make big changes. If I’m well mentally, if I can play with a little bit more confidence, it will be easier to hit better shots,” added Rafa.

Source: Associated Press


  1. Love the smile n confident look of the best tennis player, in the world. Loads of confidence from all your loving fans. All prayers n good wishes r with you. 💝 💞. You r the best.🌷. Rafa 💗 💖 💛 💜
    You can never forget how to play. Live in the moment. Can’t wait to c u play on your favourite surface. KING OF THE CLAY.

  2. Rafa I believe in you your my champ famous tennis player with a world of talent vamoooos.

  3. Recobra tu confianza, todo esta en tu mente, porque el juego lo tienes, eres increible, creetelo por favor. VAMOS RAFA

  4. I know you can do it again, number 1. I believe in you very much. Have fun and don’t think of losing but think of winning. Good Luck.

  5. Watch out world – Of Course Rafa hasn’t forgotten how to play tennis! He just needs to keep reminding himself of that and the tennis will follow. Vamos!!!!

  6. Yep, I’m sure you have not forgotten to play tennis but you have forgotten how well you can play, confidence is the key!!!!!

    • Confidence brings confidence and along with good winning results ,play on instinct Rafa ,you’ve got it all ,buckets full of support ,

  7. Relax and enjoy your tennis Rafa ,,,,the results will come ,,,,I wish you all the very best for the clay season ,chin up chest out and ,,,,HIT THAT DAM BALL ,,,,,GOOD LUCK ,VAMOS RAFA,

  8. Lovely to see Rafael happy and relaxed. All is coming right . Just live in the moment and do what you do best, play instinctively. Waves of good wishes.

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