Rafa Roundup: Why You Should Be More Like Rafael Nadal

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Make-A-Wish Argentina: Santi & Agus meet Rafa (Photo via Kia Motors Argentina)


How did Guillermo Vilas earn three more titles on the day Rafael Nadal was about to tie him? It’s because folks in Argentina, including Vilas himself, fairly noted that the original number had been wrong all along. Vilas’s two titles in Toronto (1974 and 1976) and one in Virginia Beach (1977) had actually come on clay, not on hard court, as was originally believed by the ATP and ITF.

“I’m absolutely delighted because I hadn’t won a tournament in so long,” said Nadal, who returns to the No.3 spot in the rankings on the back of this victory. “I hoped I’d win and I did everything I could to prepare properly, and in the end I achieved my goal.That goal however was a short-term one – the main aim of this #RGClay season will doubtless be an incredible tenth title at Roland Garros in a few months’ time…

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal both won tournaments on the same weekend for just the third time in their entwined careers this weekend, and they did it with flair that reminded many of the days when they alone dominated the tennis headlines. … Being Rafael Nadal, he looked as if he had just won another title at Roland Garros after he throttled No. 60 Monaco without ever facing a break point, 6-4, 6-1. Nadal’s game may have been AWOL these past months, but his schoolboyish enthusiasm remains intact.

Rafa es un genio. Pocas veces vi algo igual. Es algo espectacular. Qué suerte que lo pudimos volver a ver después de tanto tiempo y por ahí no vuelve nunca más. Tener en tu casa a un deportista que va a quedar en la historia es un privilegio. Fue un honor entregarle el premio. No hay palabras, estamos viviendo en tiempo contemporáneo de una leyenda y recién nos damos cuenta cuando se retiran. Nadal es el puto amo“, sentenció Gaudio ante LA NACION.

Just days before winning his first title of 2015 at the Argentina Open, tennis superstar and Olympic champion Rafael Nadal took time out of his busy training schedule to host a workshop with local youngsters in Buenos Aires, the host city of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games (YOG).

Badminton needs an icon like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in tennis. It is a question of how you become a champion and stay at the top.”

Finally. No one wanted to have to write the hand-wringing pieces if Nadal failed to walk away with the title against a soft field in Buenos Aires. The Spaniard got on the board with his first title since winning the French Open last year with a 6-4, 6-1 victory over Juan Monaco in the final of the Argentina Open. Like Federer, Nadal did not lose a set all week—that should help his confidence.

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  1. Rafa is the best in my eyes, no other player has the will and passion like him on court and this is my reason for being his fan win or lose, always will support him!

  2. He is the best we like hem in USA.I’m a tennis player to I love the game so much i play 6days a week.love love love the game.

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