Rafael Nadal at pre-tournament press conference in Buenos Aires

(Reuters) – Rafael Nadal, who suffered an upset defeat in the Rio Open semi-finals at the weekend, said on Monday he was confident of taking another step towards recovering his best form in Buenos Aires this week.

“I’ve come here with a different motivation because I’ve had a spell that wasn’t good for me because for the last seven months I’ve been fairly inactive and had complications,” Rafa told a news conference.

“I’m closer to the level I want to reach which is why I feel I’m taking little steps forward and that’s good. Recovery is like a ladder which you don’t climb running but rather step by step.”

“Physically I’m good. In Rio de Janeiro, I don’t think I had a bad week. I won good matches and lost one which I shouldn’t have lost, although it’s also true that the timetable of the previous match was strange.”

“I had cramps which I’ve hardly ever had in my life and the truth is my opponent played better than me and made better use of the key moments. I’d have liked to have won there but it didn’t happen.”

Rafa starts in Buenos Aires with a doubles match with Argentine partner Juan “Pico” Monaco on Tuesday.

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  1. Rafael have no doubts, no big questions just focus on your A game .. It is all about self belief and all those around you must reinforce that . You have achieved so much and much more will come you way. Your millions of supporters will always be there playing every shot with you . Vamos Rafaaaaaa

  2. Yes, let’s stay positive and hope for the best for Rafa. Time is the factor, slowly and steadily Rafa will regain his form! Though the cramps is very unusual, let’s pray there is no major issue. Love Rafa so much and it breaks my heart to see him in pain. Always believe and have faith in you Rafa.

  3. All the best for Buenos Aires. We are always behind you and BELIEVE in you and your team! Vamos Rafa! Keep fighting! Big love from Germany!!

  4. Really bad scheduling by tournament officials in Rio. I believe lack of proper sleep and rest cost him that match (and hence the cramps).
    Quarterfinals in AO, Semifinals in Rio and expecting him to make it to finals here.
    Rafa is definitely progressing step by step which is a positive sign 🙂

  5. Your doing great for someone who’s had a lo g layoff, just keep improving day by day, you’ll get there

  6. Forget Rio and the bad scheduling by ATP. The heat was inhuman and most players suffered. All good wishes to do well in singles and to enjoy doubles. Pacing himself is important. It is the long term objective that is the main focus and a confident, fit and healthy Rafael.

  7. Best of luck in BA. I just hope the matches are reasonably scheduled. Rafa or any other
    tennis professional should never have to be expected to play a grave-yard shift match.
    (1:00 am in Rio) with just a 16 hour turn-around time before the next match. Totally
    unacceptable and can seriously harm our beloved athletes. Never again!

    I look forward to watching Rafa play with his competitive spirit and “never give up” mentality
    unless his health becomes compromised. He is always a joy to watch. I agree,
    that rebuilding his stamina and confidence is a “step by step process”.

    I also look forward to watching Rafa and Juan play as a doubles team. They make
    magic together. Vamos Rafa!!!

  8. Well Rafa, it’s true that you have gone through a bad times but you are still the same great player, you have enough game to beat anyone anytime but the head is even more important and the confidence is the key so I hope to see you playing well in BA

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