Rafa Roundup: “I don’t know if the best Nadal will be back,” says Rafa

Photo via Rio Open
Photo via Rio Open


I don’t know if the best Rafael Nadal will be back, but I’ll give my best to try to make that happen. After a series of injuries that kept me off the tour for some of last season, it’s difficult to analyse it in a positive light in spite of making the Australian Open final and winning Roland Garros”, stated Nadal ahead of his campaign at the Argentina Open in Buenos Aires.

Rafael Nadal has fallen below Andy Murray in the ATP’s world rankings. This means the 28-year-old Spaniard is now bringing up the rear in the so-called Big 4, the exclusive club that’s dominated tennis’ major championships over the past decade. Should his fans be worried? Not about his ranking. Third or fourth or eighth, it hardly matters. Nadal — like the 33-year-old Roger Federer, whose all-time Grand Slam record he’s chasing — has said he’s no longer going to focus on achieving the number-one ranking.

Nadal will try to win his first tournament of the year in Buenos Aires. His toughest opponent could be Fognini; they’re scheduled to meet in the semis.

“Moving forward, we will look at how we schedule matches to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” Fernando Soler, head of tennis at IMG, which partially owns the company that runs the event, said in a phone interview after yesterday’s final. “It’s not an ideal scenario, obviously, but there are rules that you have to abide by.”

We have come to expect him to win any and all clay tournaments he plays, especially one that does not feature Novak Djokovic. But after a 3:18 a.m. finish in the quarterfinals, Nadal complained of fatiguing early in his semifinal against Fognini and cramped in the third set. It was an understandable physical response, especially given the tough conditions in Rio.


  • Rafael Nadal practices in Buenos Aires (via Argentina Open)



  1. Rafa is strong and has the heart of a champion, he gives it his all on court like no other tennis player the passion he has on court is incomparable to the rest of players. It’s a joy to enjoy him playing whether he win or lose I’ll always appreciate Rafa on court I missed him tons when he was off for the seven months.

  2. Rafa still has a winning record against Djokovic, especially on clay. Above all, Rafa has beaten Djokovic three times at Roland Garros, since Djokovic’s sudden emergence as a powerhouse. So, extremely unfair of you to make a comment that we’ve come to expect Rafa to win on clay, especially when Djokovic is not playing! Just ask Novak who his biggest obstacle is for him achieving a career grand slam — RAFA!!

  3. Don’t beat yourself up, Rafa!! Those who love you and believe in you always will, no matter what. Play the game for the fun and joy of it and you will find things will get better. Concentate on the joy you feel when you play and it will all fall back into place.

  4. Believe in yourself! Even if you don’t come back to where you were, be like Roger Federer and play because you enjoy playing. We, your fans have the greatest respect for you, and will always want to see you play!

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