1. What he needs now is the positive support and belief of his supporters. He does not need advice about his tennis, coach etc. Reaching 15 million followers is a lift and shows the suppopt he has worldwide. Hell be okay and back fully sharp and fit,

  2. Love u Rafa, win or lose.
    Can’t wait for the clay
    season… where you will
    dominate again…
    Hoping Andy or Stan..
    just not a fan of your
    Vamos…go home and rest for now.
    See you soon..

  3. Extremely sad to see Rafa out yesterday, but also sad that i was not surprised. even though im an ardent rafa fan, i feel rafa must do something to see to it that when needed, his shots are flatter and of a better length. Tennis today is different – its getting faster and fast serves, getting the lines and faster, flatter shots are the order of the day.
    But even more important is the mindset, belief and killer instinct (not badly meant) – today i heard becker being interviewed about djokovic and he said that the best thing about djokovic (which is very obvious) is his champion mindset. all he thinks and believes in, is winning. that is his only focus. people may think it is arrogant – and in djoko’s case it may be – but to have a too humble attitude like rafa???? it is fantastic and important to be unassuming and humble to a certain degree but i feel rafa is a little bit too modest. to beat all odds including the stars one needs to change, only focus on winning and most importantly believe, believe, believe. ofcourse, in the interview, there was another question about djoko – why he isnt as popular as rafa and federer – ha ha wicked me – i too wish for anyone but djoko to win. but i must give the devil his due – his mindset is one of the best if not the best. this is what rafa needs to build on and we fans have to try to make him see that and believe. i love and adore rafa and would do anything to help but ……… . would love to see rafa back at the top again and really really hope that happens – even if it takes long. so rafa, here’s hoping to see you at your competing best soon. VAMOS and BELIEVE

  4. Sad to see Rafa lost the match! Rafa has hardly played big matches since Wimbledon + appendix surgery in Nov, so having reached QF in AO is really very good. What worries me the most he was in some kind of pain during the match against Berdych and really hope he recovers soonest to conquer clay court season. Love you Rafa and rest well.

  5. salut rafa , tu as fait un très bon tournoi , ne te prend pas la tête . Tu as vraiment fait du bon boulot ,oubli pas que tu reviens de blessure … tu es bon et même très bon . Beaucoup de gens te voyaient sortir au deuxième mais sais mal connaître rafa … A+ mon ami et reste cool . 🙂

  6. Its really heart breaking,seeing you go Rafa,its been 2 seasons I haven’t watch Tennis,without you,its no fun…I cried during last year Australian Open,then Wimbledon,no US,now Australian again😢😡But I pray for your quick recovery and when you come back for French be the healthiest and bestest of all and shut those filthy mouths,who has been doing rounds that Rafa career will end and he won’t be number 1 again,its really scary reading those lines…Please please come back and emerged as winner for French Open,remember you have to break Federer’s record and don’t let that Djoker take your No.1 position…I Love you,Rafael…and will always,hoping to see you winning another 5-6 Grand Slams..Please be fine and beat all your rivals…

  7. Sad to see you go.but I know you will be back
    Still the best!! No more tennis for me!dont like
    Watching when you not play,so I will wait your
    next match.have are good rest see you next time😌

  8. We are always behind you. Keep fighting and than you will come back to your best very soon. We love you Rafa. Vamos<3

  9. Rafa. ..I was so sad all day i was crying because you didn’t win the quarter fifinal.but i know you will be practicing and getting ready for Roland Garros. You are the Champion. Love you.

  10. The 15 million fans cannot be wrong,we have been supporting one of the best athletes in history and ,without any doubt, the nicest guy on the tour,congrats and vamos Rafa always!<3

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