Funny Interview: Rafael Nadal Dislikes Sleep and Math – Australian Open 2015 [VIDEO]

Tennis fans learned two things about Rafael Nadal. He doesn’t like sleep or math.

On-court interviewer Jim Courier asked Rafa if he had done anything special to recover between the two rounds.

“Sleep?” Rafa replied, prompting Courier to ask if he normally doesn’t sleep between matches. “Seriously, I don’t like to sleep a lot. I feel that when I am sleeping that I am losing time.”

Courier also tried to get Rafa to quantify how he feels, asking him on a scale of 0 to 100 percent how does he feel physically? He waited as Rafa gave a long response that didn’t answer the questions. He pressed him again.

“I want a number,” Courier said. The crowd laughed, and Rafa did, too. “I was never very good at mathematics,” Rafa said.

Source: AP


  1. Rafa girl doesn’t like the long flight he said that last year. You just got to love him sooo nice and totally coming of the subject love that. Boss! X

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