VIDEO: Rafa’s mid-match giggles (Nadal vs. Sela, Australian Open 2015)

When you’re getting trounced by Rafael Nadal and you can’t even get a call to go your way, sometimes you just need to laugh at the situation.

Dudi Sela was trailing 6-1, 4-0 in his third-round match against Rafa at Rod Laver Arena when he hit a beautiful running forehand passing shot that appeared to clip the line. Our champ challenged the call, however, and the video review showed it was out.

Stunned, Sela smiled and held up his arms in disbelief. He then appealed to Rafa’s generosity and held up a finger as if to say, “C’mon just give me one?” Rafa smiled and the crowd began to laugh. The point, however, went to our champ. WATCH:

Source: AP / Video: Australian Open TV


  1. Is there any other link to watch this video? As it appeared not available at my end. Thanks

  2. I saw that and Rafa always fight for every point ! may be if had given Sela the point he would have regretted it because Sela came on strong in the third set ! Rafa Rocks !

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