Rafa Roundup: Nadal very motivated to get back to his best

Photo via beinsports
Photo via beinsports


Reflecting on his start to 2015, Nadal said; “It’s a great feeling to come back to the competition and have the feeling of winning a title. It’s positive for me, a good way to finish the week. I’m practising very hard and I’ll be practising tomorrow. I’m very motivated to be back at my best in singles too.

Undiscouraged, Nadal is looking forward to the Australian Open and thankful for the time he got to spend on court with a great friend tuning up for the long season. He’s realistic. It was his first event back after a dodgy final five months of 2014. The first-round exit is no reason to panic. A week-1 doubles championship is worth celebrating. The time on court: priceless.

If someone tells you they know how quickly they will recover they are lying,” he warned. “No-one knows that. No-one knows when they will be back at their level. I only know I have to keep working hard to be ready for Australia. But if that doesn’t happen, I just have to work hard to be back for real.” … “Australia is very important, but after a long time out my vision is more global. I will try to be back for Australia, but my season doesn’t end there.

Nadal’s career history says that, yes, there will be more injuries, and he might be happy just to get out of Melbourne without another serious one. But his history also says something else: He’ll remember how to win, and do a lot of it, before he heads for the sidelines again.

Rafael Nadal, 2005 — Cut-off sleeves, pirate pants…it must have been the Noughties! If there’s anyone that can pull this look off, it’s definitely Rafa. At 18 years old and with a physique like that, why wouldn’t you?

Photo: Juan Monaco
Photo: Juan Monaco

Nadal is on his way to Melbourne and fans can ensure they see the raging bull in action at the Summer Set on 14 January, at a fast-paced pre-Australian Open night event on Margaret Court Arena.




  1. Congrats to Rafico. So happy for them and looking forward to see Rafa win again and have a safe and healthy time in Melbourne. Vamos Rafa!

  2. So happy for both Rafa and Juan. More important was that Rafa was having so much
    fun playing with his doubles partner, and good friend, Juan Monaco. They make
    a great doubles team. Great confidence booster for both of them. Things are looking up
    for playing “down under after all!

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