Rafa Roundup: ‘I Try Not To Lie — Much,’ Nadal Jokes With Reporters

Photo: Florian Heer
Photo: Florian Heer


[I’m] just happy to be in Doha again,” said the Spaniard on Sunday. “New season start, so for me it’s a new challenge and new motivation.” … “You never know in the world of sport,” said Nadal, when asked about the possibility of retaining his title. “If I am able to play [a] couple of matches and to win a couple of matches, then probably the feeling will be different for me, and I will feel that I will be more ready for everything. But this is [a] tough tournament. A lot of good players [are] in the draw.

Asked if he can feel greater participation from the UA E youth this year in comparison to the first time he came here six years ago, the world No3 gave an interesting and honest response. “It’s very difficult to understand that, or to know that because I’ve been here only for two days,” Nadal said. “I can lie and I can say ‘yes, everything is fantastic’ but I try not to lie… much. Only if necessary,” he joked, sending the press room into laughter. “Seriously, being only for two days here, it’s impossible to know exactly how the things are here, how the federation is working or how many kids are doing the right practice.”

“In 2013, I started in ideal conditions at two 250 tournaments, on clay,” he said. “The conditions were perfect for me. I played three finals in a row, all on clay, and won two of them. That give me a lot of confidence. I had my rhythm back, I knew what I needed to do. After that, I went to Indian Wells, I played great and won the tournament. This year is a different story, but you never know. The only thing I can do is keep work hard, with the right attitude, be positive and try to be ready. “If I am not as competitive as I would like in Australia, the season continues for me in South America.”

The speed with which Nadal played himself into a competition mind-set has certainly thrown down the gauntlet, though the real test begins when the first points of the year are up for grabs next week. In Doha, Nadal is second seed to Djokovic’s top spot, and has a straight-forward draw until Berdych in the semis.


AUDIO: Nadal speaks to media after his victory against Wawrinka (via Brian Murgatroyd)



  1. Love this photo of Rafa. I am sure Rafa will be a wonderful dad as he really loves kids.

  2. Hi Rafa: Great to see you back in action…also good to see your girlfriend supporting you…Hey what was that all about when you gave (I think it was Monaco) a hug and you grabbed his ass??? that’s a no no

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