2014 Rafael Nadal Fans Awards: What would you most like to happen for Rafael Nadal in 2015?

We want Rafael Nadal and his family to be healthy and happy, in 2015 and always, but we don’t know what would you most like to happen for Rafa in 2015. Tell us now 🙂

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  1. Stay healthy, that’s the most important thing, with that, won’t surprise if he achieves any major tournament!

  2. I just hope and pray that Rafa will be in the best form and endure all these health problem.. Once he feels 100% good, Rafa will be the king of the court again…. Let’s just hope for a very healthy Rafa ….

  3. I really hope and want Rafa to have an injury-free year so that Rafa will be able to achieve his goals and that will also make him happy. It saddened me that Rafa has to endure so much pain and injury throughout his career, so please take care Rafa!

  4. Healthy and happen because when that happens the sky is the limit for him. Vamos Rafa love you

  5. I hope that he will be healthy and happy for the 2015 season. That’s the most important thing. Vamos Rafa<3

  6. It’s funny, I’ve been saying since last year that he would complete a Calendar Slam in 2015. Luckily, I’ve already sacrificed my pinky toe to a voodoo priestess to make this happen.

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