Rafael Nadal beats Stan Wawrinka in Abu Dhabi exhibition [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal beat Stan Wawrinka 7-6, 6-3 in the consolation match at Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi on Saturday. It was just the second match played in two months for Rafa, who fell to Andy Murray in straight sets on Friday.

“Yesterday, I made more mistakes than usual, especially with my backhand. Today, my positioning was a little bit better and I was quicker in recovering. I did make some mistakes, but in general, I feel I played a positive match, against another tough opponent. So it is good to have this test and for me it is great to have an opportunity to play these two matches in Abu Dhabi and I thank the organisers for giving me this chance. The work I came to do here, I believe is done and I really hope these two matches will help me moving forward,” said Rafa after the match.

Next stop for our champ will be ATP Doha where he will officially start the new season and a new fight for gaining ATP points.

Source: The National


  1. Rafa, o que interessa é que você voltou! O ano passado foi muito triste e sem graça sem você!
    Feliz 2015! Estamos juntos na sua torcida!

  2. Always, slow n steady wins the race.👍👍👍 Our love n prayers are always der for you. Great start. We just need yo see you play, whether you win or lose, our love just grows stronger. God bless you. 💓💝

  3. aller rafa prouve leur a tous que c’est toi le plus grand joueur de tous les temps je t’aime <3

  4. Sooo not happy with with the Facial expressionis RAFA and where is the sleeveless shirt? But I still just love you Bless

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