Rafael Nadal’s 2015 Schedule

Screenshot: rafaelnadal.com
Screenshot: rafaelnadal.com

Where does Rafael Nadal play in 2015?

That’s the question on everyone’s mind these days, as fans want to make plans to see Rafael Nadal live.

Our advice to you is to wait until Rafa’s team has confirmed his participation in a tournament before making non-refundable travel plans.

Doha, Qatar (05.01.2015-10.01.2015)

Australian Open (19.01.2015-01.02.2015)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (16.02.2015-22.02.2015)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (23.02.2015-01.03.2015)

Indian Wells, USA (12.03.2015-22.03.2015)

Miami, USA (25.03.2015-05.04.2015)

Monte Carlo, Monaco (12.04.2015-19.04.2015)

Barcelona, Spain (20.04.2015-26.04.2015)

Madrid, Spain (03.05.2015-10.05.2015)

Rome, Italy (10.05.2015-17.05.2015)

Roland Garros (24.05.2015-07.06.2015)

Stuttgart, Germany (6.06.2015-14.06.2015)

Queens, UK (15.06.2015-21.06.2015)

Wimbledon (29.06.2015-12.07.2015)

Hamburg, Germany (27.07.2015-02.08.2015)

Montreal, Canada (08.08.2015-16.08.2015)

Cincinnati, USA (16.08.2015-23.08.2015)

US Open (31.08.2015-13.09.2015)

Beijing (5.10.2015.-11.10.2015)

Shanghai (11.10.2015.-18.10.2015)

Basel (26.10.2015.-1.11.2015)

Paris (2.11.2015.-8.11.2015)

London (15.11.2015.-22.11.2015) – Rafa still hasn’t qualified!


Note: Besides the defending titles and the Grand Slams, Rafa will probably play at all the other tournaments he’s played at for the past few years. We will update this info when it becomes available. STAY TUNED!


  1. I can no more understand Toni Nadal critics about Rafa. He is his coach and only he must be able to give him confidence in hisself again! If uncle Toni is no more happy with Rafas playing its time to say good by and to give Rafa a new chance, a new impuls with a new coach! Rafa is not at the end of his carrier and he can play well for other 3-4 years! Look at Roger Federer! I love Rafa,he is a great person, a amazing player, but i can’t see him so sad!

    Helga Sparber


    • Hope Rafa plays at Wimbeldon,the greatest tournament in the world,everybody cant wait to see him in white gear again,winning of course.

  2. Vamos Rafa! Good match against Stan! Keep fighting and than you will come back stronger than ever;)

  3. Beating Stan in 2 sets had to boost Rafa’s self-confidence. Very high-quality and competitive
    match. Way to go, Rafa! Love the 2015 schedule. I will tune into my tennis channel
    every time he plays! Vamos, Rafa!

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