Oryx Premium Magazine: Interview with Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal on the cover of Oryx Premium Magazine - Qatar Airways’ magazine for First and Business Class passengers
Rafael Nadal on the cover of Oryx Premium Magazine

Q. What essential items do you always pack when you travel?
RAFA: Well, in my case the normal things to have are my tennis racquets. Most of the travelling I do is to tournaments, so I tend to have plenty of racquets with me.

Q. What was your most recent memorable experience overseas that you would recommend?
RAFA: I am lucky to travel around the world to beautiful places. Most of the time the tennis tour follows the sun, so we are very fortunate in that sense. I have had the chance to visit the most amazing places, but I always say that Mallorca is my favourite place (and home).

Q. Where in the world will you go next, and why?
RAFA: Once I finish my tennis career I am sure I will have more time to enjoy the places I have been to, in a different way. There will be places I will discover, although I might have already been there 20 times!

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Note: Oryx Premium magazine is available onboard Qatar Airways in its First and Business Class cabins, the Premium Terminal at Doha International Airport, Premium Sales offices in Doha and the airline’s new Premium Lounge at Heathrow Airport, which opened last month.

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