PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s first practice in Abu Dhabi

Rafael Nadal arrived in Abu Dhabi with his team to play in the Mubadala World Tennis Championships. Today he was practicing with Andy Murray. Here are some of the photos:


  1. Finally tennis would be fun to watch again, Welcome back Rafa,I missed u. Thanks Rafa Fan Club for keeping us abreast with latest updates in our champs life,well done!!!

  2. Gorgeous Rafa as always especially with his infectious smiles! Looking forward to his best year again in 2015. Vamos Rafa.

  3. Ying said it all: Thanks to “Rafael Nadal Fans” for all you do to keep us abreast of what’s happening with our favorite tennis warrior, Rafa!!! I look forward to seeing our hero battle it out with his ardent competitors in 2015!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!

  4. Rafa looks very good! Happy New Year to Rafa and fellow Rafa fans!

    To “Rafael Nadal Fans”, thank you for all your hard work in 2014 keeping us informed on all things Rafa! Looking forward to a great 2015!

  5. Rafa, you look very dangerous…….watch out you other guys !…see you at Wimbeldon……with the cup, of course.

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