Rafa Roundup: Nadal’s biggest goal for 2015 is to be happy


“In general, the feeling physically is okay and I hope to be ready to compete well in Abu Dhabi and Doha and Australia.” … “I’m not thinking about my injuries every minute. I’m thinking about all the positive things and how lucky I am to be where I am and all the things that life gives me. Many people are in a much more negative condition than me. So I’m happy and I can just say thanks to life for all it’s given me.” … “I never changed anything in my team during the whole of my career and that’s going to be the case for the next couple of years probably.”… And his biggest goal for 2015? “To be happy.”

Following his final training session this Monday in Manacor, Rafael Nadal feels that his work is done and he’s ready to return to competition. … “What happened in 2013 is unrepeatable. First of all I’m two years older”, Nadal said.

“For me it won’t be a goal in my career anymore,” Nadal told French television in an interview promoting his new tennis academy. “If I have become No. 1 because of the results I have, it’s great. But I’m not going to pursue this objective. I will follow my schedule.”… “My big goal is to play as many years as possible. What I won’t do is put at risk the best years of my career to get the No. 1 spot.”

Thanks to the city’s efforts in Tennis Australia’s AO Blitz, Warrnambool will win a swag of prizes if the Spaniard is able to raise his 15th Grand Slam title aloft. … Warrnambool City Council events and promotions manager Merran Fyfe said it was fantastic to have such a high-profile player linked with Warrnambool. “Rafael Nadal is one of the most recognisable athletes in the world and I hope our connection with him can raise the profile of Warrnambool,” Ms Fyfe said.

The penultimate part of the tennishead 2014 review is about Nadal’s ability to play tennis when no other man can.

Australian Tennis Magazine
Australian Tennis Magazine

Never ever doubt Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros – If ever there was a year to say he wasn’t the French Open favorite, this was the one. And then he won his ninth Roland Garros title dropping just two sets.



  1. I am stoked to see Rafa is happy with his health I believe we always expect so much from him that he is weighed down by the load on his shoulders I heart you Rafa

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