Rafa Roundup: Nadal wishes Federer a speedy recovery

AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili
AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili


“It will be 10 or 12 days before I can practice again, so [I] will have all of December to try to put my body and my tennis at the right level to be competitive in January. I am going to work for it, that is my goal,” said Nadal. … “I saw a little bit, but not a lot, the matches were too quick to see,” said Nadal, who had “no opinion” on the reported row between Federer with Davis Cup team-mate Wawrinka, who are said to have clashed following a tense semi-final. … “The only thing which is negative is for a tournament in London to have no final is bad news for everybody, for the tournament, for the fans, for all the world of tennis, and especially for Roger. I wish him a quick recovery.

“It seems strange to me, as Davis Cup captain, that instead of seeking union and harmony between players, captains and the federation, she has incited and fed a debate that is totally false and absurd,” Nadal said.  Nadal said federation president Jose Escanuela was in his “right” to appoint Leon captain, but “it seems unfair to me that they have wanted to shift the issue to a place that is evidently a clear issue of populism.

Rafael Nadal flew to London on Tuesday to put his training to the test… his poker training, that is. Rafa played a Poker Stars match against Ronaldo, beating the legendary football star to win $50,000 for the Rafa Nadal Foundation.

“I had a great coach,” Nadal said, when asked how he managed to pick up poker so quickly, despite still competing at the highest level. “He gave me the opportunity to learn more about the poker game. It really helped me a lot. When you learn more and more about this game, you enjoy playing it more. You understand that it’s not a game of luck. There is luck in some moments, but in general the best players will win.”



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  1. It doesn’t surprise me that Rafa wishes Roger well! These two have given us many hours of great tennis, and they’re obviously bound together in mutual respect and admiration. I just hope that Rafa isn’t physically rushing things too much by planning to compete in the Australian. VAMOS RAFA!!!

  2. Dear Rafa, I have been watching ur mail carrying news about the recovery following appendic surgery. I was praying the Almighty for smooth P.O period. Now I hear about resuming practice and the prospective participation in Australian open in Jan 2015 and win the cup for the 2nd time which is eluding for some yrs now. I wish u well all thru thr yr 2015. ur ardent follower, dr s vasudevan Chennai 600040 india

  3. That USA today article seems to indicate that Rafa is blaming Gala Leon for the sexism debate, when in the original Spanish interview this is not what he is saying at all. Here is the original http://www.mundodeportivo.com/20141118/tenis/nadal-firmaria-tener-un-ano-como-este-los-tres-siguientes_54419434710.html he says he respects the decision to make her captain one hundred percent, and implies that it is the media which has affected the harmony of the team. English and American websites have mistranslated the original quotes and taken them out of context

  4. Don’t you love it that RAFA and Fed are such good amigos? I think their caring regarding each other’s injuries is genuine.

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