WATCH: Rafael Nadal’s Hot Shot Against Richard Gasquet in Beijing

Rafael Nadal nearly pushes Richard Gasquet out the picture with this baseline barrage in Beijing.

 Video: ATP World Tour


  1. Ah ! Ce fameux coup droit dont il a le secret ! Quel point incroyable ! Il nous en a déjà gratifié de ces coups droits , mais on ne s’en lasse pas

  2. More time @ net sometimes, awe sum result, believe n herself,u can win this tournament…bestestbof God luck and glad yr bac

  3. Rafa was sizzling in that match against Gasquet who is also a great volleyer! Rafa
    on fire! By the way, I loved Rafa’s color combination of his outfit! The grey shorts and
    green shirt with orange trim was so cool and hot at the same time. So glad the “King of
    Mojo” is back. That forehand was amazing! Vamos, Rafa!!!

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