VIDEO: Welcome to Nike Court

Nike has always believed in the concept of future heritage, meaning that you must respect the past to create the future. With this mantra in mind, Nike has created the Court Collection, merging yesterday’s style and attitude with today’s performance technologies.

Video: YouTube/TheMillersFan


  1. yes value him, I agree with all above statements, Rafa has been snubbed by Wimbledon and a few other fools. if he ever plays there again ,they should treat him with some good manners, Rafa what ever you do, and where you might play next. be assured , your fans will support you, and yes we all love your good looksxxx

  2. How true and totally agree! That’s what makes us fans love him even more! Shame of those overlook on his good looks, great personality and also his fire on court! Wake up and be respectful!! Miss you so much Rafa!!! Vamos Rafa!!!

  3. Very strange that Rafa has so few TV commercials for Nike or Babolat in the United States, while commercials with Federer, Djokovic & Murray are all over the place. With his on court achievements, electrifying style of play and natural good looks, Rafa is by far the most marketable of the Big 4, and yet, the only Rafa commercial in the States I’ve seen in recent years is the one he did with Tsonga for Babolat, and you can barely discern it’s Rafa in the ad due to the poor lighting. What’s up with that?!? VAMOS!!!

      • It makes you wonder if broadcasters & advertisers in America have a BIAS against Hispanics, especially Hispanic men such as Rafa. Do they think Rafa is “too ethnic” for American consumers? Shame on them if that’s the case. And stupid as well. Rafa has tremendous appeal to Americans of ALL racial & ethnic backgrounds, not just people of Spanish descent.

        It reminds me of NBC/Tennis Channel announcer Ted Robinson’s INFAMOUS comment during the 2014 French Open final, when he declared that “the only people in the stadium rooting for Rafa were fellow Spaniards.” If that’s not a RACIST comment, I don’t know what is. And even worse, not a word of rebuke or censure from his TV employers. If Robinson had made a similar comment about Serena Williams and her “fellow African-Americans”, he would have been fired on the spot.


  4. Rafa is still the face of Nike and no wonder, not only is he a star on the court, his personality, good looks but above all the values he holds and has demonstrated right through his career make him such an asset to Nike. Value him

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