VIDEOS: Rafael Nadal practices in Mallorca (August 21, 2014)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Video: YouTube/Satu Cantero


  1. Every major tournament is lessened by Rafa’s absence. Would Djokovic or Federer winning the US Open do more damage to Rafa’s prospects of regaining the No.1 ranking (and I don’t just mean mathematical points) or do we hope for a young blood such as Dimitrov?

  2. Perhaps there is a silver lining to Rafa’s string of injuries and withdrawals from big tournaments, just like there was for Serena Williams, whose prime playing years seem to have been extended by missing so many tournaments earlier in her career due to injury and illness. 2013 was one of the best years of her career, and she is still the favorite to win every tournament she enters. Hopefully, we’ll be saying the exact same thing about Rafa when he is 32 years old. VAMOS!!!

    • I’m sure his doctor advised him that practicing the way he is would not interfere with the healing process. Rafa, always the hypochondriac, would follow his doctor’s advice to the letter. VAMOS!!!

  3. Ever the competitor. Could there be a better example (in sport anyway, in life many sadder examples in the lovely world we’ve made a mess of) of bad timing?
    The way his competitors are playing, though nothing is ever certain, of course – let’s say he had a VERY good chance to have won 2 Masters 1000 tournaments and another US Open?
    Go on the hardcourts, points to gain and new 1000’s to conquer. Have Feli show you a one-handed lefty backhand, you have a few weeks to learn!!!!!

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