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Q. In New York, in fact, you’ve won twice.
Rafa: And of course I can not wait to play there. It is always a Grand Slam, always a great emotion.
Q. Are you ready?
Rafa: Ah, who knows… I can only say that I’m training hard. The results then depend on many things.
Q. Let’s talk about your other sport passion: it was also the year of “La Decima” of your Real Madrid.
Rafa: Ah, what a thrill, too. Of course I saw the match, I would not have missed it for the world. My celebration was crazy: the title was unforgettable.

The hunt for rarefied products plays to smaller elite brands such as Corthay that offer something new, said Sharma. Prices of ready-to-wear models such as the Casanova Oxford start from about $1,500. The company has about 500 clients for its bespoke footwear, including Nadal and actors Clive Owen and Cate Blanchett.

Guests at this once in a lifetime experience will spend and unforgettable evening dining at the luxurious St. Regis New York with Rafael Nadal. This experience consists of a cocktail reception and meet and greet followed by a 5 course dinner and wine experience with Rafa.

El tenista mallorquín Rafa Nadal pasó la jornada de ayer en Fornells con unos amigos. El deportista de Manacor se desplazó hasta Menorca y posteriormente colgó en las redes sociales una fotografía en compañía de su pareja Xisca Perelló y de sus allegados.

“El verano pasado jugó increíble, como nunca en pista dura”, resumió Francis Roig, el técnico que acompañará al mallorquín en Toronto y Cincinnati. “Contra jugadores que no son Djokovic, Murray o algunos más, le puede ser suficiente en un momento dado hacer otro tipo de tenis, pero él sabe que ante los buenos de verdad solo hay un camino y es jugar más agresivo. Lleva años intentando hacerlo, pero no siempre lo ha conseguido. En Montreal, Cincinnati y el Abierto de los Estados Unidos de la temporada pasada le salió muy bien. Es el mejor tenis que yo le he visto”.  … “Nadal va a hacer una muy buena temporada por América, como la que hizo el año pasado”, explicó Christian Garín, el chileno de 18 años que entrena estos días con el número dos en Mallorca. “Rafa es de los mejores de la historia. Le he visto muy tranquilo, contento por haber tenido un poco de descanso tras varios torneos muy buenos.”

In January 2009, a shocking occurrence rocked the tennis world: Rafael Nadal stepped on court wearing a shirt… with sleeves. Now, 5 years later, it seems the opposite is about to occur. Rumors are swirling, yet to be confirmed by Nike or any retailers, and he’s been seen practicing in the above top in Mallorca, but how would you feel if Rafa went back to sleeveless for the US Open?

El Club Internacional de Tenis de Majadahonda es hasta este sábado la sede del circuito internacional Rafa Nadal Tour by MAPFRE. Madrid es la tercera parada de este torneo tras las de Sevilla y Barcelona.

Photo via The Telegraph
Photo via The Telegraph




  1. hey Rafa, not only you are the best but also you are best of the best. GOOD LUCK MAN.

  2. Dear Rafa good luck with your up coming tournaments & I pray for you to win US Open again , u r such a wonderful inspiration for me . I love you very much & wish u much happiness love Desiree ❤️❤️😘👍

  3. I wish you a successful season as the one you played last year. from argentina, a huge admirer

  4. Do that, if it´s what you really want, why not?, my best wishes in advance for this Open, enjoying it much at the same time you´d be playing. A wonderful Evening&Night to María and Yourself Rafa. Bye,bye then,until tomorrow than, C. Javier

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