PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal and Maria Francisca Perello look amazing at friends’ wedding

Rafael Nadal and his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello attended Francis Roig’s wedding in Formentera, Spain on Saturday afternoon. Here are some photos of lovely couple.



  1. When are you going to marry your girl Rafa? She has been so patient and loyal to you.
    It will not harm your game at all.

  2. It’s pretty obvious that Rafa is not yet ready to tie the knot. Hard to imagine that Xisca is not pressing him to get married. Perhaps she’ll surprise him with a pregnancy in order to pressure him further. I think Rafa loves her, but is not yet ready to settle down. He still needs time to sow his wild oats. All speculation, of course, but I generally have good intuition on things like this. VAMOS!!!

  3. That girl has style. She is always the best-dressed at any function, it appears. Understated yet powerful. Not easy to achieve.

  4. Difficult to judge from the outside but I certainly don’t see the loved up couple that others appear to see. Off court Rafa looks like a fun loving passionate sort of guy and I’ve seen lots in the media that demonstrate this and he talks with great enthusiasm about family and friends but Maria Francisca is more often than not excluded. She is only brought out on occasions when a girlfriend is required and even then is strangely barred from talking to the media. I love Rafa and he deserves to have fun in his private life but my guess is that these two are far from soul mates. It doesn’t look much fun for Maria Francisca either unless she has a full and active social life without Rafa.

    • Chandra Dumbass, the guy is not a jerk, you are. The fact is that it was an intimate wedding by Serbian standards and no tennis players other than his Davis cup members were invited.

  5. So happy to see them together after much speculations on their relationships lately! They looked so gorgeous and Mary was just sensational with the beautiful dress. I wish them well, healthy, happy and also to have some of their very own wedding photos soon!!

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