Novak Djokovic overtakes Rafael Nadal as world No. 1

Photo via tumblr/salmousha
Photo via tumblr/salmousha

Novak Djokovic reclaimed his No. 1 ranking with a 6-7, 6-4, 7-6, 5-7, 6-4 victory over Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final. Rafael Nadal lost to wild card entry Nick Kyrgios in the fourth round on Tuesday. Rafa would have kept his No. 1 ranking with a semifinal appearance. His fourth-round loss did add 170 points to his ranking, for a current total of 12,670. Djokovic will return to the top spot for the first time since being usurped by Rafa  on 7 October 2013. He will begin his 102nd week at World No. 1 on Monday.

Top 5:

1. Novak Djokovic 13,130

2. Rafael Nadal 12,670

3. Roger Federer 6,100

4. Stan Wawrinka 5,770

5. Tomas Berdych 4,410

It’s not going to be easy for Rafa to return to No. 1 this season, but we believe in our champion. Always with Rafa! 



  2. Rafa is only 460 points behind Novak as Novak is # 1 as of today! Rafa don’t care what # he is ranked as and I believe Rafa will defend his Roger’s cup and US Open and will be able to be # 1 again if he stays healthy and work hard towards it as he always do I can’t wait to see Rafa in Toronto August 2-10 I’ll be seeing him everyday he plays and I have a gold seat so excited to see my # 1 live for the first time god’s willing!

  3. Pour moi, Rafa est le n°1 dans mon coeur et ça ne change rien ; Djoko ne pourra jamais atteindre le palmarès de Rafa .Vamos CHAMPION pour la tournée américaine et le reste de la saison

  4. I am a litle bit sad about Nole replace Rafa as world no.1 but….whatever is..Rafa is the Best..still no.1 for me and always like that…for Rafa and uncle Toni….no mater poeple said…somebody critized Rafa’s game…is to slow or sometimes hit the ball to high…i don’t care  because i think that is Rafa’s game type…like everybody with they game type….so..hopely You and uncle Toni can improve your game, more confidence like always…and God bless you….Vamos Rafa

  5. As a person/player with his generousness/compassion and big heart Rafa remains No 1!!
    I do not think this matters that much to Rafa, being the man he is, he will again be no 1 in tennis. Congratulations to Djokovic, but now the pressure is on him!! Enjoy your time of Rafa and know you are truly loved!1 <3 <3

  6. Novak and Roger played a brilliant, competitive 5-setter. Congrats to Novak, he,finally
    got over his mental hurdle and won another GS. Roger almost pulled it off. He is still
    a great player. Although Rafa will always be my favorite, these guys do deserve my
    appreciation for a hard-fought battle today. This, in no way diminishes Rafa’s many accomplishments and talents. They all feed off each other pushing their limits.

    While I was watching this battle I was happy Rafa was relaxing at the beach in Mallorca or on his boat. These GS finals are so intense. He’ll have plenty opportunities.
    Rafa is a great #1 and an unstoppable #2. (less pressure) Besides the ranking always
    floats back and forth between Rafa and Novak over the years. Roger I see is now the #1 Swiss player again over Stan. Here’s to the hard-court season and colorful outfits once again.

  7. Good for Djoker. That was his goal anyway. But Rafa will always be #1 for me in all aspects – as a player, as a person – no one can beat him when it comes to humility. I hope he does well in the US swing.

  8. For us, Rafa’s admirers all over the world, and for all others who appreciate excellent tennis skills and attitude of a true sportsman when they see one, RAFA IS NO. 1 YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOR ALWAYS!

  9. the ranking is just icing on the cake. being healthy is always the number 1 priority. 🙂 vamos all the way to USO Series, Rafa! 🙂

  10. Rafa no va a tener ningún problema siendo el #2, a el le gusta más ser el cazador que la presa. Tengo la confianza de que va a hace una temporada excelente en HC y que seguirá ganando más GS que es lo que más importa. Me gustaría que su servicio volviese a ser como en el USO 2010, entonces si que no habría quien le parase y en Wimbledon donde el servicio ha sido primordial, el nunca hubiese perdido contra el australiano

  11. happy for nole, and i think in the long run was good for rafa, too. nadal will have 12 – 16 slams to catch up and maybe surpass federer (needs 3 or 4). in the mean time, there’s some catch up for djokovic to close in with nadal (assuming rafa wouldn’t win anything anymore for the rest of his career). as for the #1, the rankings come and go. at this stage in his career, nadal should probably focus on conquering the few atp1000s, atp500s, and 3-4 slams missing, to solidify his legacy.

  12. Rafa plays better when he is the one trying to catch who is in front of him. I believe he will win the U as Open

  13. Rafael will always be number one as a person who is respected and do popular across the world . Never mind the numbers let us concentrate on big titles .Congrats to Djokovic, Federer tried his best but othersn better . Rafa forever for his millions of supporters .

  14. Rafa can do it! He has done it before. What he really thinks about is winning his tournaments and that is the important thing! 🙂

  15. Yo admiro a nuestro campeón de campeones Rafa Nadal, como estrella de tenis, como persona, como ejemplo para todos por su tenacidad al superar adversidades y dolores insoportables , No me importa el núimero que ostente.. Vamos Rafa, llegarás a donde tu quieras !!!! Nina Miolán , santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana

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