Flashback: The epic Nadal – Federer final, Wimbledon 2008

July 6, 2008, London

RAFAEL NADAL def. Roger Federer 6-4, 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7

SUE BARKER: Rafa, can you describe what you felt when you just fell to the floor, when you knew you were the Wimbledon champion?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, is impossible to explain what I felt in that moment, no? So just very, very happy for win this title, my favorite tournament for me. It’s a dream play in this court.
But win, I never imagine something like this. So very happy. Thank you very much, everybody.

SUE BARKER: But you really won it the hard way, didn’t you? I mean, how did you get yourself back having lost the championship points to keep yourself so mentally strong?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, disappointing for me I am in the same time like the best player of the history, Roger Federer. So is very tough always play against him, especially here. I have lots of chances for win before the match.
But just congratulate Roger, because he always fight unbelievable. His attitude is always excellent when he win, when he lose. So just thank you very much Roger. His attitude is very good for the tennis.

SUE BARKER: And the fact that you beat Roger here on Centre Court in arguably one of the greatest finals we’ve ever seen. Does that make this even more special?
RAFAEL NADAL: Well, for sure, you know, win Roger here after five years, I lost the last two finals, close finals. But he’s still the No. 1. He’s still the best. He’s still five-time champion here. Right now I have one, so for me it’s very, very important day.

SUE BARKER: I know the first thing you wanted to do was to run up to see your father and your uncle that’s been your coach and such a support to you. What did they say to you up there?
RAFAEL NADAL: Just thank you very much for his support, for their support all the time, coming with me, my uncle, my family. The rest of the family are there. So everybody, thank you very.

SUE BARKER: Big celebration planned?
RAFAEL NADAL: No big celebration. I forgot one thing. Just thank you very much the Prince and Princess for coming watch my final today.

Video: Wimbledon, Photos: GETTY IMAGES, Source: ASAP Sports Transcripts


  1. Brilliant match,,,brilliant win,,,,brilliant memory,,,,wish we had the same memory of wimbledon2014,,,,,,vamos Rafa,

  2. Quelle émotion pour moi ce jour de 2008 que je n’oublierai jamais !!!Vamos RAFA !!!!

  3. that day was special for me too cause it was the day i became a rafa fan, i was 13 and my mum watched it with me and ever since rafa has been a big inspiration to me.
    as for today, not interested as rafa isn’t there

  4. Always with Rafa in victory and defeat. Such memory to savour with Rafa’s gentle soul. So boring without Rafa in the matches. Miss you Rafa!!

  5. Nostalgic…. It would have been more hype if it’s Roger vs Rafa again today…. Hope to see them both again in slam finals and Rafa to win….;)

  6. The best of memories . What a day . What a match . What two great players . Wonderful new champion . Sad today because Rafael should be there . Rafa forever !

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