Rafael Nadal: “I am not upset that I lost today”

Scott Heavey/AELTC
Scott Heavey/AELTC

Rafael Nadal after losing to Australian teenager Nick Kyrgios:

“When you have an opponent who decides to hit the ball really strong and serve like that you are in trouble. I don’t think that I played badly. I hadn’t seen him playing on the other surfaces, grass is only two three tournaments a year but when you serve that big you will always have a chance. I don’t know if he is a guy I will keep meeting the sport is a mental battle at a times, he has all the qualities but things are always a little easier when you are just arriving. When you are there for a while people start to see the negative things about your tennis. We will see if he can stay at the top level but I wish him all the best.”

“When you have nothing to lose you can play the way he did today. When you are playing in the last rounds, it is harder to hit 140 mph second serves. For him the next round for me the beach. My draw was not the best against a lot of players who cannot give you a chance to play very much. I am not upset that I lost today.”

Source: BBC


  1. @chgharib1

    Just my unbiased view, unlike your response, emotionally driven fanboy or girl !

  2. I am a huge Rafa fan & also acknowledge great performances from Rafa’s opponents- credit to NK…. That said, Let’s all remember the amazing Grand Slams won by Nadal to date – exceptional record that only most players can dream about!!

  3. Rafa is right once again about Kyrigios. There’s absolutely no pressure when playing
    with nothing to lose just starting out. That’s why I wasn’t that impressed with him or his
    demeanor. He probably studied Rafa’s patterns and strategies for years. There’s really
    no history on his movements because he is so young. He hasn’t fully developed yet.
    Who really knows how his career will play out. I just knew he would fizzle out when
    facing Milos in the next round. Rafa and all his long-term competitors work so hard
    day in and day out to perfect their craft and hang with the big boys. That’s why I also
    have so much respect for these up and comers: Grigor, Milos, Kei, etc. They are no flash
    in the pan!

    Since Rafa and Andy are out. (Felt so badly for Andy today!) I am rooting for Milos and
    Grigor to finally break through to the finals. I did feel sorry for Stan not feeling well
    against Roger. Stan did play 3 days in a row and Roger didn’t. I certainly hope
    Wimbledon equalizes the playing field next year with a day on and day off for everyone
    even if it rains.

    Glad Rafa is home relaxing at the beach! But I can’t wait for the hard season to
    begin. I’ll be watching. Just stay healthy and happy, Rafa!!!

  4. Bit late with my comment as ii watched the highlights, but at the END OF THE THIRD SET, NADAL HAD SET POINT AND DIDN’T CHALLENGE a call that was called IN but was OUT (as mentioned by the Commentator), and lost the chance of a Second Serve, resulting in NK winning the point, what a Travesty/Shame,, he might have won that set if he had challenged. I think no-one could have beaten NK that day…..Rafa was unlucky it was him and not Novak or Roger……I think Roger and Novak have had all the easy draws….WHOSE MAKING THESE DECISIONS…..the whole tournament is geared to get Rafa out of Murrays way!! Karma………he lost today unfortunate for him, as I wanted him to win today. As a Rafa Fan, I don’t want him to loose his No. 1 spot,, so let’s hope Kyrgious will continue his form and BEAT NOVAK!!!! Come on Kyrgious for Rafas sake!!!!

  5. Looking at Kyrgios’s not shot from between his legs – super if intended and aimed, otherwise pure reflex and lucky.

  6. The loyalty shown here to Nadal is great to see, but wake up people. The simple fact is he got beaten by a guy who was simply better on the day. Sure, he was playing without fear and swinging freely, but give the guy some credit, he could have choked a couple of times, but had the belief to see it through. The mark of a champion in my book….
    Face up to it Nadal fans, if it was Nadal who played this way yesterday, you would all be singing his praises
    Rafa Nadal = Nada !

    • To play a “serve machine” like Kyrgios, and read your comment…is the same : less than NADA

      • It does not matter how Krygios won you fool.

        So what – Krygios has his strength in his serve, Nadal has his own strengths and weaknesses, the sum of which lost him the match.

        Quit making blind excuses – fanboy

  7. Bravo Rafa malgré la défaite . Je te soutiendrai toujours que tu gagnes ou que tu perdes ! Tu es un champion unique . Repose toi et profite de vacances à la plage bien méritées et reviens nous encore plus fort pour la tournée américaine . Avec toi, toujours .VAMOS RAFA !

  8. I have said it all before, that’s not tennis .remember Rosco, Tanner, all aces gone from sight, like all these hot shots I have turned Wimbledon off now this year, cannot put up with all these barbed comments, Rafa is a pure sportsman, go and relax and enjoy all your family
    forget those back in Wimbledon xx

  9. I am really ‘gutted’. Extremely sad that Rafa is no longer in the tournament and will not be in the finals. Always wanted him to win Roland Garros and Wimbledon. I was not able to watch but, looking at the scores, Rafa with a little bit of luck could have won, and if he had he would have had an excellent chance to win the championship – which he deserved. Kyrgios’s serve and some passing shots were good and having an excellent serve is part of tennis and a great advantage but that is not all. Unfortunately the main difference between Sampras and Agassi was also the serve.
    Whatever it is, Rafa you are my no. 1 and will always be that regardless of statistics or anything else. I just hope you stay well and get into super form so that you can win all the next matches including the US Open.
    God Bless you. Love u. VAMOS!

  10. Good news from Rafa !! he is truly humble. It.remains to be seen if Kyrgios can remain on top……?

  11. I think Rafa’s shot selection was not that great for the match, Kyrgios serves fast but could not move over the court that fast…. Very sad moments for me, I was hoping for #15.

    Well… Let’s hope for best for USO & nest Year!!!!!

  12. Well, Rafa’s loss takes excitement out of the tournament. It won’t be nearly as dramatic watching the games now. But maybe Andy Murray will win again and I can sit here and watch England go as crazy about tennis as soccer fans are about soccer. Have fun on the beach, Rafa.

  13. dont worry…u re a best player..only for u i habituated to watch tennis..u & serena play like sharpshooters..better luck..nxt time for champ rafa & serena..

  14. Rafa truly understands what its like to be beaten by someone who played better than him….And i admire him for being honest….He was once a 19-year old who did the same thing that Kyrgios did to him so what happened was nothing new and surprising…Tennis has always been this way whenever new and rising stars break in to the tour…

  15. The more Nadal loses, the more upset I feel. However, that’s the way he has been since he first turned pro. He loses and then comes back stronger and more energetic than ever. It’s simply because he is Rafael Nadal!

    If Kyrgios continues playing that king of tennis in the matches coming, he’ll no doubt be a great star to be. Or else, he’s just been lucky to overcome Nadal – one of the greatest tennis players of all time!

    Take a rest, Nadal! Good luck to you Kyrgios!

  16. Rafa played a very good game even if he lost because of all the Aces of the other Wild Card but I thought the matches were planned against him from the very beginning. Enjoy your beautiful beach family and friends in Mayorca. We still think you are the best.

    • Why do you think the matches were planned against him?
      I do think so;It hurts to see him out already.He makes my days brigther seeing him play.
      Best of luck Rafa,we <3 U

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