Rafa Roundup: Why not ‘Vamos RAFA’ instead of ‘Vamos NADL’?

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Fowler: We sent of camera over there, they told us that Mr. A — Mr. Second A — missing.

McEnroe: Missing?

Fowler: Missing. They went out last night, went up to the village, as people who camp out for the tickets will do. He’s not turned up today.

McEnroe: Call Scotland Yard, ABP for a guy with a yellow shirt with an A. (Laughter)

McEnroe: I think he’d be easy to spot. In a pub nearby.

Fowler: I don’t want to say — I hope he enjoyed his Friday night. That’s an unbelievable ticket right there. That’s an unbelievable ticket. With the roof closed at Wimbledon? And your bender has cost you a chance to sit here in your “A” shirt to watch Rafa?

McEnroe: We hope he’s okay, number one. Number two, if he is OK, he’s a complete idiot. (Laughter)

While play was suspended on all the outside courts, Nadal recovered from the loss of the first set under the closed Centre Court roof to reach the fourth round for the first time since finishing runner-up in 2011 (l. to Djokovic). The Spaniard goes on to face either Nick Kyrgios or Jiri Vesely.

“I am playing well,” Nadal said. “I would be lying if I said another thing. I think I am playing well…I lost 7-6, and then I won in straight sets and with a positive score. The feeling was great. I played aggressive. I had great movement. In difficult positions I was able to come back in the point. Then when I had chances with the forehand, I was able to play aggressive. That’s what I did. “In general is true that the roof is great because there is lot of light coming in, so the feeling is not that it is completely closed like an indoor tournament. I think that’s better for us. I think I played a great match. It didn’t affect me a lot.”

The best news for Nadal may be that in each of the six previous times he’s reached the second week at Wimbledon, he’s gone either to make the final or win the tournament. He’s in the second week again.

Pat Cash: “There are different segments to a Grand Slam – the first is to get through the first two matches and the second is to get into the second week. Nadal has done that and you could see what it meant to him.”

“Al principio, él jugaba muy agresivo, sin errores, largo. Yo cometí varios fallos con su segundo saque, al resto, eso me llevó al tie-break, y ahí saqué mal”, resumió el mallorquín. “He terminado todos los partidos jugando mejor de lo que empecé, con buena actitud, buen espíritu, luchando”.

“It is very positive to have my work done already today,” said Nadal. “But I don’t know how Wimbledon will react after a day like today, if they are not able to play more matches because tomorrow is Sunday and the tradition is here nobody plays on Sunday. But it is true that if my opponents are not playing tomorrow, they are playing on Monday, I will be playing on Tuesday, and the winner will be playing again on Wednesday. That’s not good. That’s not a positive thing. In a way is positive that I already done. For sure my opponents are in a worse position, but it cannot be perfect.”

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  1. Hey guys! Does anyone know why Rafa is not in the Order Of Play on Monday? Don’t tell me he’s playing on Tuesday because that’s unfair!!!

  2. Wow, inspiring match. Kukushkin came out swinging in the first set. Great effort for him
    Then Rafa shut him down in aggressive stylish fashion whipping his glorious forehand among
    his arsenal of sure-fire shots in sets 2, 3, and 4.
    How he moves backwards when executing those cross-court forehands are just sublime and beyond me!
    And that primal scream at that special moment was glory on the grass for Rafa and his
    beloved fans.

    Enjoy your Sunday off with your family and team!

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