WATCH: Lukas Rosol knocks over Rafael Nadal’s water bottle (Wimbledon 2014, R2)

Videos via YouTube/stroppa777


  1. haha i suppose this is a feable attempt to justify nadal bumping into Rusol in the change over. Nadal butt pickers are amazing. It was gamesmanship on Nadal’s part. The guy uses all sorts of gamemanship tactics. It’s rare to not see him use some form of it. Nice try on the water bumping tho.

  2. he looks so ridiculous! he literally went out of his way to knock that water bottle over, seriously.. such childish behaviour, it isn’t half annoying when amateurs think they can give attitude just because they may have beaten a top player once in their career
    Rafa just laughs at them and then goes on court and completely obliterates his opponent’s will to play 😉

  3. Uneducated,Arrogant, no breeding,jealous,loser,ASSHOLE,HE WON’t Succeed in Tennis👎👎👎 GOOO AWAY LOSER ROSOL ASSHOLE😡😡😡

  4. What an asshole…..He thought he could win if he knocked down RAFA’s bottle. Arrogant and infantile behavior to its very core. So happy he was sent home packing with his bags. He loves the limelight, unfortunately he doesn’t have the charisma and the sublime talent for the limelight to shine on him…Idiot!!!

  5. Lucas Rosol es un atrevido! Demostró ser un jugador sin ética profesional! Ojalá aprendiera ser humilde y respetuoso como Rafa! Que desilucion 28 años y parece un niño de 3! Bravo Rafa eres un campeón !

  6. What a disgusting behaviour Rosol portrayed on court! Rafa has always been such a gentleman with excellent manner and charisma. That’s the difference between a great player and good player. Can’t stop laughing at Rosol’s childish behaviour at the same time. Vamos Rafa!!

  7. By Lukas Rosol who? Did anybody ask for the security? Did you remember to keep the children, the elders, the ladies immediately out of harm?

  8. Cocky arrogant charmless…..needs to learn a few lessons in manners and humility. …enjoy your flight home….well played Rafa

  9. That’s true1 Rosol couldn’t beat Rafa but at least he knocked his bottle down all because he couldn’t beat him this time, he beat Rafa bottle and I’m sure Rafa got a big laugh over this I laugh my belly full over and over.” don’t ever touch Rafa water bottles” Rosol in big trouble lost the entire game and sent packing on a flight back to his CZEch! Poor kid at 28 yrs old

  10. I love Rafa and am thrilled he won…..but I find it very amusing what Rosol did….I had a private giggle….it makes life a bit more interesting on the Tennis circuit….im sure Rafa was in hysterics when he saw the tape. To add…Rafa was SUBLIME today…a Shining Star….what a player!!!…..l.everythings there for him..all the ammunition…. to win this year!!! Good Luck for the next Match

  11. Uncle Toni and his family taught Rafa so well, to have respect. He is so humble and demonstrates the highest level of sportsmanship at all times. He doesn’t seem to have
    an ego with all that he has achieved. He never takes any opponent or anything for granted.
    He works so hard and never disappoints when ahead or behind in a match. I can’t help
    but say that Rosol’s cockiness does come through on the court. I was so glad Rafa
    defeated him today the same place and time as two years ago. Love Rafa’s fist pumps
    and charisma. Great resolve today to put Rosol away for good!!!

  12. Wow! How low can you go? Now I am convinced that it was he who bumped Rafa at the changeover two years ago! What a jerk! I was having some pity for him because he has been spending his time on the challenger circuit, and how difficult it must be for him. With this act, I have nothing but despise for him. Good riddance to him. Vamos, Rafa!

  13. On the one hand, I’d say ‘what a piece of crap this guy is, to do this’, on the other hand, I’d probably pull something like that if I were in his shoes!

  14. I’d say I’m astounded, and that is the first word that comes to mind. Then I look around me at the mess we’ve made of the world and how much time we spend trying to kill each other. Then I look at the various blogs I should know better than to read and how nasty and inhumane peoples’ comments are. And I’m astounded the planet’s still here, though we seem close to extinction. (sorry for existential rant)
    THEN I look at Rafa, and listen to Rafa, and am reminded WHY I have become so obsessed with this fine young man, and it puts a big smile on my face. Oh no, now I’m going to sit and obsess about what I will do when he retires . . .
    (I’m also going to a kick off event Saturday to try and elect another fine young man and make sure the NY State Senate turns blue. Doing my part.

    • total agreement…rafa is one of those rare human beings that seems to stand out from all the destructive, egotistical, narcissistic, darkness of our race…i know he’s not perfect…but relative to what what we are exposed to on a daily basis…he truly shines…

  15. I can’t believe Rosol would deliberately knock over Rafa’s water bottle! He’s not the first to do it, but it’s so INFANTILE! And by now, everyone should know it doesn’t make any difference to Rafa Nadal; in fact he’s amused by such an act. Well, tonight Rosol will go home and say to himself, and everybody else, I suppose, “Today I knocked over Rafael Nadal’s water bottle” instead of saying, “Today I beat Rafael Nadal again”. What could be better?

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