Interview with Rafael Nadal – Wimbledon 2014 – Round 2

Rafael Nadal answers questions from the media after his second round win over Lukas Rosol.

Q.  You came through in the end.

RAFAEL NADAL:  Yes.  Every match is so difficult here.  Especially when you play against players that they, yeah, really decided to play every shot full power, with serve, with the forehand, with the backhand.

So when that happens you are in trouble if the inspiration is there for the opponent, no?

I played a bad game in the 4-All and I lost the first set.  I think until that moment I was playing better than him, but didn’t have my chances on the return because he was serving well.

I was confident with my serve, but I lost that game.  Then he start to hit every ball full power, every serve serving unbelievable.  I feel that was very important the second set when I had the break back in the 4-3 I played an unbelievable game, I think.  Great returns.

So very happy.  Is a very important victory for me.  To be in the third round here again after two, three years is very positive news and I think I finished the match playing at a very high level.

Q.  What were the biggest differences, besides the result, from the last time you played him here until now?

RAFAEL NADAL:  The difference maybe is one point.  Maybe if I lose that set point in the second set, if that forehand down the line went out, maybe will be here with a lose.

But that’s the sport.  That forehand was a perfect forehand for that moment.  Is true that even if I was losing, I was fighting for every ball.  I was fighting mentally, physically.  Positive thing about tennis, I was able to find solutions through the whole match.  At the same time my physical performance was different today than a few years ago.

Q.  You talked about the game at 4-3.  There was a huge celebration on the second point in that game.  Can something like that help get rid of tension?

RAFAEL NADAL:  No.  Was Love-30.  I didn’t lose my tension there, no, losing that point.  Was a set down, 4-3 for the opponent.  I didn’t have breakpoints before that moment.  Love-30 is a match.  I know if I come back on the match I will have my chances again.  Love-30 was a very important point.

Q.  Is there any way you can prepare differently to face an opponent like Rosol?  Can you do anything different to prepare for a match like that or do you react to the way he’s playing?

RAFAEL NADAL:  I can try my best in every single point.  That’s the only way to win.  The negative thing was I had a bad game.  That’s the problem in grass, that you have bad game and you are in trouble for the rest of the match.

Especially against players who are able to serve very well, hit the ball very aggressive.  That’s what happened in the first set.

In the second, he was playing amazing.  No, no, no.  I really cool in the match for a lot of moments in the second set.

I am very happy the way I played seriously.  Is a great win for me.  Is the best level I played on grass since long time ago, the last three sets.  That’s very important news for me.

Q.  When you’re a set down and you get broken in the second, do you think back to 2012 at that point?

RAFAEL NADAL:  I said other day, no, when I am playing the match today, I am not thinking about the match two years ago.  I am thinking what I have to do to win the next point in that match.

What happened happened.  That’s it.  We already congratulate him for what happened two years ago.

Today is another history, another story.  I needed to find the solution.  Finally I did.  That’s the most important thing.

I think I played with fantastic energy during the last three sets.  Very positive.  Very quick with my legs.  You know, very quick mentally.  I was returning great last three sets.  I was able to have more breaks.

But he was serving well, hitting the ball well.  When I had the chance to touch the ball with the return, every return was in, and a good one.  So I am very pleased the way that I played.

Q.  How much confidence does that give you now, playing as well as you did?  How much confidence do you have going forward?

RAFAEL NADAL:  Every day is different.  Is true, as I said before, is an important victory for me.  Every victory will mean a lot to me here in Wimbledon.  Always very dangerous surface.  Every opponent is tough.

My draw was difficult from the beginning because two players that can hit the ball very strong, good serve.  You will have the chance that you will not be able to get some rhythm from the beginning.  Especially in my case that I didn’t play many matches for the last three years on grass.

So is difficult to start.  But as I say before, I arrived here after winning Roland Garros, less pressure.  So more confidence.  I said before the tournament that this year I feel myself little bit better physically.  So I tried my best in every single practice, in every match that I played on the practice courts.

I was trying everything to be able to compete well again.  I was practicing with a different energy than the last two years because my knees works better.

Q.  It looks like the rain is coming.  If it does go indoors the next couple days, do you have to change anything the way you play?

RAFAEL NADAL:  I would love but I am not that good.

I prefer to play outdoors.  Is obvious.  If we have to play indoors, we play indoors.

Q.  How easy do you find it to switch off between matches?  Any particular places you like to go out to eat when you’re here at Wimbledon?  Anything you particularly like to do?

RAFAEL NADAL:  I am here in a house.  The easier is World Cup year.  Germany/United States starts in 15 minutes, so…

We are in a nice house.  I have my coaches here.  I have Marc Lopez with me at the house.  I have my team.  We play little bit of different games.  Maybe one day we go out.

But seriously we go to restaurants every single day of the rest of the year.  So when we are here I like to cook, I like to be a little bit more relaxed at home and see the World Cup.  I love football.

Q.  Was there a moment in that match today where you thought you could lose?  If so, does that inspire you to come back?

RAFAEL NADAL:  My inspiration is the motivation to play Wimbledon.  That’s my motivation and that’s my inspiration.

Talking about if I thought that I can lose that match, during the match I thought that I can lose before the match, during the match.  Now that the match finished, I really know that I had the chance to lose the match.

But I didn’t today.  That’s the positive thing.  Very happy for that.

Q.  Rosol, how would you describe his game and why it’s difficult for you?

RAFAEL NADAL:  If he plays well, is difficult for everybody, not just me.  The players who are able to serve 130 miles, good first serve, good second serve, and hit the ball that quick with his forehand and his backhand, especially on this kind of surface, will be dangerous for everybody if he’s playing well.

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  1. Must be so annoying having everyone speaking about past statistics etc… when all rafa cares about is to win the match. Another amazing match likes to keep his fans on our toes. All the best for rest of tournament ♥♥♥♥ x

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