WATCH: Rafael Nadal’s amazing point – Wimbledon 2014

Rafael Nadal handles everything Martin Klizan throws at him and finishes the point with a volley winner:

Highlights Nadal vs Klizan:

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  1. Rafa , u should upload that high points u earned when u fell two times . If some body missed it , they must watch it . Worth watching .See the level of Game .

  2. nice performance, but the video is very very short , can you upload longer videos later 😀

  3. Even here in Brasil, Video won’t play here, says “uploader hasn’t made video available in your country.” Please, can you fix it?

  4. Help!!!! Video won’t play here in U.S., says “uploader hasn’t made video available in your country.”
    I was in and out of watching match since my students had the nerve to show up an hour early to help organize caps ‘n gowns for our high school graduation Sunday. I kept walking away shouting “Go Rafa!” at the top of my lungs. No, the teachers submitting their grades on the computers in my library didn’t appreciate, I’m sure. Of course I didn’t let that stop me . . .
    I have my priorities straight!!!

  5. Fantastic win RAFA great start that will give you CONFIDENCE for the next round, would love to see you get even better with each round, as I know you will do….SILENCE ALL YOUR ‘DOUBTERS’ AND YOUR ‘KNOCKERS’ show them you can make it ALL THE WAY AS VERY FEW THINK YOU CAN DO IT….YOUR FANS WILL CHEER YOU ON WE DON’T LOSE FAITH IN A 14 GRANDSLAM WINNER, AND THE AMAZING AND INCREDIBLE CAREER YOU HAVE ALREADY ACHIEVED…..SO GO FOR IT RAFA ..YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO PROVE YOURSELF, SO WAY YOU GO DO IT…….

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