PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses to Dustin Brown at Gerry Weber Open in Halle

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal lost in the second round of the Gerry Weber Open, beaten by Dustin Brown 6-4, 6-1 in the Spaniard’s first tournament since winning a record ninth French Open.

“I didn’t play. That can happen when you play an opponent like this. But I don’t want to talk about the opponent. The only way I could have tried to do more was resisting with my serve, something I hadn’t practiced a lot these days. For the first four games he didn’t put any returns on the court and then suddenly he was playing winners from the return, so it’s difficult to analyze these kinds of matches. The only thing I can do is keep working the way that I did the last three days, because I came here, I tried hard, I tried my best,” said Rafa.

Rafa’s next tournament is Wimbledon beginning on June 23rd.

Win or lose, always with Rafa!

Photos: Getty Images, AP Photo, RNFC


  1. Dustin Brown was by far rhe better player on the day. I have every faith in Rafa to learn from rhis. any player who reached the last rounds of the French Open must have been exhausted. The fast turnaround from clay to grass is unrealistic,to say the least. The brilliance of Rafa is his ability to assess his performances honestly. ..he then is able to figure out his next move and adapt his game. Keep on being your own man Rafa… We here in Winnipeg think the world of you ….Remember Rudyard Kipling,s poem “IF” ” If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster …And treat those two imposters just the same “. It is written above the doorway that leads to Centre Court at Wimbledon. Fred Perry knew this well. He won Wimbledon three times.In 1935 Perry also came from winning at Roland -Garros in the same year (incidentally reaching the mens doubles semifinal as well in Paris) to go on to win Wimbledon. …….You can too……..All our love to you. the Winnipeg Fan Club, Manitoba
    Canada. Onward and Upward.

  2. Congrads. to Dustin Brown for his win today, I am strictly a Rafa fan all the way but today was Dustins Day to shine! he played some awesome Tennis. for ever a Rafa Fan get some well needed rest .Rafa!

  3. I really respect Rafa for keeping up to his commitment despite his physical tiredness after RG 9th win! This tour will give him an edge to prepare for Wimbledon. Take care of your health and have good rest.

  4. Hahaha! Tbf its rafa fans here not brown so the comments r gonna b for rafa. As rafa said his opponent was better. So well done him. Either way rafa did look exhausted. Hope u rest well our hero xxx

  5. It amazes me that out of the 15 comments already posted, not one mentions the fact that Dustin Brown played some awesome tennis and deserved to win!

    • Obviously, he played awesome tennis. I’m sure he also had the extra motivation that playing Rafa on grass 4 days after a grueling final would be the optimal time to notch a win. He played lights out and served exceptionally well. It’s his best surface and he lost in the first round at RG, so he had lots of time to prepare. So kudos to him. He’s now the only player in the top 100 with a winning record against Rafa. But why should you be amazed? This site is named Rafael Nadal Fans, is it not?

  6. Honestly I am ” half”glad that Rafael has time to go fishing and get away from pressure for a little time. he is exhausted and needs time out. Peace and tranquillity will refresh him mentally and physically. Always our Champion, Rafaaaa

  7. This result doesn’t surprise me at all, he must emotionally exhausted after his historic win in Paris.

  8. How much he can give!! He’s a human.But his exceptional achievements makes us expect more from him.U’ll always be our king.Our No.1

  9. Not too surprising considering his schedule for the past several months. Just Rafa being nice and standing up to his commitment.

  10. These are tournaments for the small boys ….what the heck? Rafa is bigger than this crap, please!

  11. Not too surprised. I think Rafa probably would have pulled out of Halle after the exhausting FO final, but felt especially obligated to play since he pulled out last year. He looked tired, poor dear. They didn’t show the handshake at the net in the livestream I was watching. I don’t know why that irks me so much, but it just really, really does! Get some R&R now, Champ.

  12. I can’t believe Rafa even participated in this match since his final with Nole was so
    emotionally and physically draining for both of them. I imagine he wants to get
    acclimated to playing on grass now that clay season is over. In a way, he’s better
    off with an early exit. He has no points to defend here and he definitely needs the rest
    and relaxation. I’m sure he’ll prepare himself for Wimbledon by practicing
    on the grass somewhere else. Andy got ousted today as well. He could practice with him!
    (Just Kidding) It happens. Better to pace yourself prior to another Grand Slam.

    Besides, I can’t even believe The French and Wimby are only 2 weeks apart. The good
    thing for Rafa is he doesn’t have many points to defend so hopefully he’ll play with way
    less pressure than when playing the FO! Vamos Rafa as always at Wimbledon!

  13. Really nothing to worry about…the change from an intense clay court competition to grass in less than a week takes some adjustment. He’s got it over before Wimbledon.

  14. Grass just doesn’t seem to be right for you anymore. Hopefully Wimbledon will prove me wrong!

  15. Its just an exhausted Rafa playing today..after the FO…its just a blip..a practice session… time to really really rest now on the beach…fishing…etc to recover and get stronger to WIN Wimbledon….please switch off now and REST

  16. Honestly I don’t care too much about this match, I’m sure that Rafa is tired physically and mentally and he just needs a rest. Always with you, champion! 🙂

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