Interview: Rafael Nadal Loses to Dustin Brown in Halle [VIDEO]

World No. 1 Rafael Nadal talks about his R2 loss to Dustin Brown.



  1. You are the real fighter and I believe you more than myself and I do hope you will come with different gear for wimbledon and I just want to see you breaking Roger’s record…all the very best…..

  2. enjoy your rest with the family Rafa, feel refreshed and good luck, you are a winner!!!!!!!!

  3. Rafa looks very tired ! don’t be sad you need some rest and be ready to compete hard to win Wimbledon love from Toronto! Get rest and this is nothing to lose, Rest Rafa and drink lots of water

  4. Total gentleman. I hope he can find his way on grass. He has won Winblendon before!

  5. I admire him, he always calmly responds to the these stupid questions about tactic and other things … Now is the time to relax and rest, the most important is his health right now. Love you champ!

  6. Soooo humble as always. Congratulating his opponent. All we want is u to have a good rest and focus on the next tournament. Few days with family and relax time is wat u need. Much love xxx

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