Rafael Nadal hits 14 million fans on Facebook

Our champion Rafael Nadal has just reached a milestone on his official Facebook page where more than 14 million fans have hit the ‘like’ button. King of Clay joined Facebook 5 years ago, on March 30, 2009. On March 10, 2012, he hit the 10 million milestone.

Rafa Nadal Facebook
Rafa Nadal Facebook

Congratulations Rafa, on yet another victory! We’re proud to be a part of the Rafa Family! 🙂


  1. The only tennis matches I appreciate is when Rafa is playing he is such a fighter


  3. Mary Carrillo, she looks like a ugly looking man, I would be mad at the world also if I looked and sounded like her. Loser

  4. I couldn’t help but notice on Twitter that Alize Cornet seems to be a big fan of Rafa. I’ve always been a big fan of her, both on the court and off. VAMOS!!!

  5. For example, during last year’s fall hard-court season, Tennis Channel’s Mary Carillo accused Rafa of being “a cheater”, claiming that “Uncle Toni constantly violates the no-coaching rule.” She then followed up that gem with the jaw-dropping accusation that “Rafa uses performance enhancing drugs, but has gotten away with it like Lance Armstrong did for so many years.” Even worse, not one of her fellow Tennis Channel announcers challenged her accusations, which by the way, she failed to back up with even a shred of evidence. This is part of a long pattern with Carillo and several other tennis announcers repeatedly SLANDERING Rafa. It has got to stop – immediately. VAMOS!!!

    • Oh come on, Mitch! I don’t even want to read something like this! I know that a lot of people can’t stand Rafa’s succeses and it makes me sad when I read something like this 🙁 I really don’t know how people can be so spiteful and rude. But we can’t waste our energy on reading such lies and nonsense!

      • Hi Mitch. If what you say is true, and I believe you, I agree: this slandering of Rafa MUST STOP ! Is there anything we can do to help? Just tell us what to do and we will fight!

  6. The 14 million must be “all Spaniards”, according to NBC/Tennis Channel announcer Ted Robinson. Rafa and his sponsors should DEMAND AN IMMEDIATE APOLOGY from Robinson, John McEnroe & Mary Carillo – and NBC – for their incredibly mean-spirited, dishonest and unprofessional coverage of yesterday’s match. This wasn’t the first time that they’ve SLANDERED Rafa. It’s actually par for the course with them. It’s beyond the pale, IMHO, and should NOT be tolerated by Team Rafa because it damages his image and marketability. VAMOS!!!

    • If John McEnroe is speaking negatively about Rafa, that is news to me. Did he say something yesterday? He’s usually very supportive of Rafa. Never heard him say a negative word about Nadal. In fact, when commentators get into the debate of GOAT, Rafa has always been his choice. I do remember Carrillo’s comment about Uncle Toni coaching from the stands.

      • Only within the last year or so has McEnroe suggested that “Rafa MIGHT be the GOAT.” Prior to that, he was unequivocal in his insistence that “Federer is the GOAT.”

        He never makes the case as to WHY Rafa is the GOAT. He’ll mention it in passing after another big Rafa win, and then as soon as he’s challenged on it by one of the other announcers, he quickly changes the subject.

        Furthermore, whenever he’s covering a Rafa match, he’s constantly cheerleading and coaching Rafa’s opponent, which he NEVER does with Federer & Djokovic opponents. Instead, he only talks about how “unbeatable” and “great” Federer & Djokovic are.

        Call me “oversensitive” if you wish, but I’m not the only person who feels this way about McEnroe. Many of my tennis friends have noticed the exact same thing about him, and several other announcers as well.

    • Mitch, while I understand your frustration with the many slanderous things people say about our Rafa, as noted below, Johnny Mac has not been shy about announcing his choice for GOAT, and it is Rafa.
      All media is about keeping things interesting for the viewers, so yesterday’s coverage was too about Novak for my liking, but they were trying to make it an interesting contest to those who and “bored” with the same winner year after year.
      And I’ve always considered Mary to be a well-informed commentator and I take offense to your description of her. I am also fairly certain that she NEVER said anything about Rafa taking performance enhancing drugs.
      So my feelings are please lets not US Rafa fans stoop to the low level of the wack jobs on the other sites and slander in return? Just IMHI.

      • During last summer’s(not fall – I misspoke earlier) hardcourt season in North America, Mary Carillo absolutely did accuse Rafa of taking performance enhancing drugs. It was during the early rounds of the Masters 1000 tournament in Canada or Cincinnati. I gave you the actual quote in my earlier comment, and I stand by that 100%. If you don’t want to believe me, that’s your choice.

  7. The secret of Nadal’s success on so many fronts is HARDWORK + HUMILITY + SINCERITY.

  8. I still smile when I think about your yesterday’s victory Rafa! What an amazing feeling. 🙂
    I also want to thank the editors of rafaelnadalfans.com, you are doing an amazing job guys, thank you so much! 🙂 Greeting and kisses from Poland.

    Pauline 🙂

      • Hi, administrators at Rafael Nadal Fans. I should have said this before but let me just say it after Pauline: thank you for providing the venue where we can hold hands and pray for Rafa’s success especially at crucial moments like that one at RG — wherever we are all over the world. And to Pauline, I share the amazing feeling you had from that last victory of Rafa. From that Sunday until today, nobody and nothing could erase this smile on my face. Greetings to all from the Philippines.

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