Rafael Nadal wins a record 27th Masters 1000 title at the Mutua Madrid Open!

Rafael Nadal defeated Kei Nishikori 2-6, 6-4, 3-0 retr’d to win his fourth Madrid Open title, 63rd career title, and 44th on clay. He moves up to No. 6 on the most career titles list. Rafa has also successfully defended his Madrid title.

Rafa came back up from a set and a break down in the second set to take a lead in the third, before Kei Nishikori retired due to a back problem. Rafa is next headed to Rome, where he will attempt his 8th title.

“Winning at home is always more special than winning anywhere. Having the chance to play in front of your home crowd… is unforgettable for me. This city gives me a lot. This is a very important victory for me. I’m very sorry for Nishikori,” Nadal added. “He’s an unbelievable player that will fight to be in London [at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals]. I am sure of that. I really hope that the injury is not too bad and he will be able to compete in Roland Garros,” said Rafa. (via ATP World Tour)

Congratulations Rafa! Glad to have you biting another trophy! Here’s to many more!


  1. I strongly believe Rafa would still defeat Kei no matter what happen. Hope Rafa come back 100% of his level and win all the way. We love you Rafa and have faith in you. Vamos Rafa.

  2. Well done Rafa! Nishikori may have been injured but you were going to win it anyway! You had picked up your game and there is no doubt you would have won it ! Go for Roland Garros!

  3. Rafa needs to change his baseline (fixed spot) approach as fast as possible. Over the years, it’s like a lot of players (apart from Djokovic) are now able to ”decode” his game.If he still retains the same style, he would need a lot of prayers & miracles to win RG for the 9th time.

    It is not really much about his mental psyche or confidence, but his renowned ”game of attrition.” His style makes him exert a lot of energy, makes him prone to injury and exposes him to killer drop shots.

  4. Rafa deserve this win today! Nothing was wrong with Kei today it’s his routine to get rub when he’s down in a set, yesterday he took three rubs to defeat Ferrer and Ferrer was unhappy about that today he tried it after Rafa won the second set, If the people know about tennis comment here they will know that Rafa fight in the second set and would have win the third set, Kei didn’t want to take the lost convincingly so he retire before the game end. He was losing anyways. Great job Rafa and you have the heart of a champion!

    • This is full of assumptions, and rude to Kei .. no need to put down the opponent while supporting Rafa. How did it make you feel when anti-Rafa people went on a tirade about Rafa faking injury in the AO? Rafa was deeply hurt by such accusations, and you are doing the same to Kei.

  5. All Rafa haters can STFU now. He won because Nishikori injured his back you say, a cheap win? Oh wait, Rafa injured his back in Australia and you thought he was faking it. So which is it? Hypocrites. Vamos Rafa!!!

  6. A never ending SMILES from all of your fans Rafa especially ME who always loves you no matter what. You are LOVED coz your’re an amazing down to earth good person/player. God bless u everyday. Congratulations………..

  7. Why is tennis channel taking over and not letting us see the ceremony I think it is stupid and not fair I want to see the ceremony not look at them and here them criticize rafa bad I idea this center court good win for rafa king of clay for life

    • Agree completely. The Queen of Spain is presenting the awards, and they think it more important to show their own commentators bloviating. Very poor decision, and a bit insulting to the players and to the queen.

  8. Rafa didn’t win Madrid because Nishikori was hurt. He got to the final for some reason. even he wasn’t playing her best in the first set and part of the second, he started playing very well after that. Rafa, i nspite of this final, is overcoming the mental problems and he is going to be fine for Paris. Vamooooos Rafaaa!! you are the best!!!

  9. Felicidades Rafa!! Ojala que podamos disfrutar de tus partidos sin interrupciones! Una vergüenza lo de ESPN para latinoamericana, pues mucho promocionaron la final de la Mutua, más luego, en los tres canales habilitados solo mostraron partidos de fútbol, en verdad patético!! Tus seguidores de América Latina queremos verte en la cancha y mucho más cuando levantas un nuevo trofeo! Éxitos Campeón para Roma y..a por R.G!! VAMOS RAFA A POR MÁS!!

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