Interview with Rafael Nadal: “I’m very sorry for Nishikori” [VIDEO]

The World No. 1 Rafael Nadal was looking to claim his fourth Madrid title and his first European clay this year as he met Kei Nishikori in the final.

Video: ATP World Tour


  1. At the Australian open people said so many things, that Rafa was scared, that he was pretending.
    Fortunately nobody is saying that about Kei but it only shows how much the press is all over when something goes wrong for Rafa.
    That is the price for being Number One.
    I believe he can handle the pressure cause he has s loving family and a great emotional balance.

  2. I agree with Marilyn – only I have my doubts that you would have won if Nishikori hadn’t been hurt. Sorry about that. Even though I’m such a Rafa fan, I feel that way. Pick yourself up mentally. Say I am the best and try to believe it. You are too defensive. Improve on your timing – the shots will be faster, deeper and you will not tax your body so much. I don’t want to sound negavie either, but in your humility you put yourself down and it seems that you are slightly down where your tenis is concerned.

  3. Rafa is on demolition course. He looked very, very vulnerable and – let’s face, Toni also said it – he would have lost this match if Kei had not gotten injured. I have already said farewell to the RG trophy to be honest.

  4. +Rafa glad that you were able to lift the trophy today. I keep telling myself that you would have won even if Nishikori hadn’t been hurt. I hope that is so because I want you to do great the rest of the clay season. You need to play the net more, need to consistently hit deeper in the court (so you will control more of the match); try to deep breath in between service games so as to stay calm. You must start believing in yourself again if you do you will be calmer and more confident. Don’t let these players push you around. You never have before, why are you letting them now? Please snap out of this slump. Play offensive, aggresive tennis Rafa, do not go back in time – move forward as you did the last 4 years on tour. Love you, Marylynn. (Sorry if I’m sounding negative, I’m a little upset because I know you are able to play much much better.)

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