VIDEO: Rafael Nadal Madrid Open QF Interview – I played my best match today

Rafael Nadal played masterclass tennis in his win against Tomas Berdych to reach the semifinals in Madrid today. This is his take on his performance at the match today:

Vamos Rafa!

Source: ATP World Tour YouTube


    You are simply the best .Il doit jouer agressif à l’entame du match cet après midi à la manière d’un TGV ! Quand il joue comme ça , il est irrésistible .
    Allez CHAMPION

  2. That’s more like it, Rafa. VAMOS!!! You’re hitting flatter, deeper, more penetrating shots to COUNTER the aggressive, crowd-the-baseline, first strike tactics of your opponents. Loved that 110-mph forehand you hit against Nieminen yesterday. Perhaps the fastest ground-stroke ever hit on the ATP tour. Keep it up, Rafa. You need to maintain this level to win this tournament and others going forward. Once again – VAMOS!!!

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