PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal Pre-Tournament Press Conference – Barcelona Open 2014

Rafael Nadal held a press conference ahead of his first match on Wednesday in Barcelona. He acknowledged that his confidence has taken a hit following the Australian Open final loss to Stanislas Wawrinka, but said that his state of mind “is what it is.” Rafa stated “I started the season OK except for some lack of confidence and competitiveness in important moments of certain matches.” However, he stated, “I’ve faced adversities throughout my career, and this is just another one.” Indeed.

Source: Associated Press // Photos: BancoSabadell Flickr, Corbis, Barcelona Open BancSabadell  Facebook, Getty Images


  1. If his confidence right now matched his cuteness and brilliance and character . . .Ahh, if only it was so simple! As I always shout at my tv “You Rafa, he not!!” Repeat after me 100 times, “Me Rafa!!!”

  2. Hopefully this is just the temporary setback for Rafa. Tennis games in clay courts need the King.

  3. Losing to David in Monte Carlo was not a total surprise as David often plays Rafa close. They know each other well and even Rafa has a tremendous respect for David. Strange others don’t at times.

  4. What worries me most about these repeated comments of Rafa regarding the loss in Australia, is that he seems to have lost the hunger for titles. He wants to be anywhere except on the tennis courts, if you look at his body language. There’s no hunger in him at the moment. I hope he wakes up soon.

  5. my wish for u all the best and good luck w/ all your matches. God bless you more Rafa Nadal.


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