New ATP Rankings: What happens to Rafael Nadal’s points after Monte Carlo loss?

The new Emirates ATP singles rankings have been updated.

Rafael Nadal now has 13310 points, down 420 net points (13730 – 600 that he was defending + 180 he gained for reaching quarterfinals) after his quarterfinals loss at the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters.  Rafa retains his No.1 ranking. Novak Djokovic, the defending champion in Monte Carlo, lost in the semifinals. Therefore, he suffered a deficit of 640 points and currently has 11040 points.

Although both Rafa and Djokovic lost before they could defend their points, Rafa gained a net of 220 points over Djokovic. The previous difference between them (as of April 14) was 2050 points. The difference between them as of April 21 is 2270 points. This is because Djokovic lost more points than Rafa did.

Stanislas Wawrinka leads in the Race to London (3535 points), with 485 more points than Djokovic in the second place and 615 more than Roger Federer in the third. Our champion is #4 (2775 points).

Rafa is in Barcelona this week, where he will contest for his 9th title. Vamos Rafa!


  1. We love u Rafa and u are our HERO FOREVER but it would be SOOO nice to see u bite another trophy in Barcelona! VAAAMOOO999 RAAAFAAA, VAAAMOOO999 VAAAMOOO999 VAAAMOOO999 VAAAMOOO999 VAAAMOOO999 VAAAMOOO999…!!!

  2. I dare say that there is no serious challenge for him in Barcelona hence he should be able to win that relatively easy. All the same, I expect him to by now have gotten over the Stan AO final shocker and should no more be using that as an excuse. He ‘s a pro, isn’t it? And besides, the whole world agrees that, but for the back injury that he suffered in the AO final, Stan could not have beaten Rafa at that level. So, Rafa should take solace in that fact and move on to greater things: there is a proverb in Africa that says, ”You cannot be moving forward and looking backwards at the same time” The greater challenges for Rafa this year are to successfully defend the FO, win Wimby and defend the USO! Can Rafa do it? Though to answer, but I think he has the mental power to at least achieve two-thirds of this 3. Well. ”we’ll see…..” The Djokovic challenge for the 2014 FO title is REAL.Rafa must be ready to die on the court if that is the only way to stop Djokovic.

    • Well, there’s Ferrer, who did just beat him… I doubt he’ll repeat that twice in a row, especially on clay, but it’d make an interesting final for sure!

  3. Rafa is not happy to have lost MC Open. Hope he regain his confidence with his inner strength to achieve his goals for this year. Yeah, we love Rafael for who he is. Vamos Rafa!!!

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