Interview with Rafael Nadal (April 18, 2014, Monte Carlo)

AP Photo Michel Euler
AP Photo Michel Euler

Q.  Can you explain what happened?  Was it a bad day for you?  Just a great day for him?  How do you feel in general after this match?

RAFAEL NADAL:  Was a tennis match.  When you play tennis, you can lose, you can win.  When the opponent is doing the things better than you, the normal thing is lose.  That’s what happen today. 
I didn’t play the right way.  I didn’t play with the right intensity with my forehand.  I played too short.  I give him the chance to have the control of the point almost all the time. 
He did much better than me, so just congratulate him. 

Q.  Does losing here hurt more than losing at another tournament to you?

RAFAEL NADAL:  No.  Losing hurts everywhere.  On clay always little bit more. 
Is not lose, is the feeling on court was not the best one.  So not happy today about what I did.  Not very happy about the way that I played the second set after losing the first.  I didn’t play with the right intensity at the beginning of the second.  I give him big opportunity at the beginning of the second.  I cannot do it.

Q.  You had 44 unforced errors today.  It’s very unusual for you.  What reason do you see behind all those mistakes you had?
RAFAEL NADAL:  The reasons is I am not playing enough well.  That’s the main reason.  I am not playing with the right intensity with my legs.  When that happens, the unforced errors are there more often. 
Is true that I started the year great in Doha and during Australia.  But, I don’t know, I don’t have to lie to nobody.  After what happened in Australia was little bit harder for me to find again the intensity, the confidence, the inside power that always I have. 
Even if I won Rio, I played the final in Miami, you know, remains something in my mind and in my game.  I going to fight to try to find that solution soon. 

Q.  You mentioned about confidence inside.  Is there a problem with your confidence?  Is there something that’s maybe affecting your confidence?  You were 4 1 against Gabashvili.
RAFAEL NADAL:  Forget it.  Is a completely different history.  Doesn’t matter what happened in the first and second match.  Is true if I lost that point at 4 1 in the first game, will be hard to come back in the set.  But is a different history.  I think I still have little bit of room to win that match, even with the 4 1. 
Yesterday, too, I played good, with confidence.  But is not that problem.  The problem is when the match became little bit more to the limit, and not answering the right way as I normally do.  So that’s it. 

Q.  A player like Ferrer, he doesn’t give you anything.  He fights for every point.  It’s very hard to stay in every point and find the intensity? 
RAFAEL NADAL:  No, is not very hard.  That’s tennis.  That’s the sport.  Fight for every point:  that’s the way to win. 
With my style of game, I don’t know another way.  I am not a player who will win in two shots.  I can do it when I am playing very, very well.  But normally I play the points.  I fight for the points.  I’m playing with no mistakes.  I’m playing with a very regular level.  Is something I was not able to do.  He did much better than me. 
That’s my feeling, my personal feeling.  I’m talking from a tennis player from inside the court.  That’s my view of what’s going on.  But I can be wrong. 

Q.  Did David surprise you in some way with something he did, something which was new or strange that he did this match?
RAFAEL NADAL:  No.  David always plays great.  He’s a fantastic player.  He’s top, top player.  To win against him, you have to be at the top level, no? 
Last year I played with him in Madrid.  I was two points away to lose the match.  I played against him in Rome.  I won very long match in three sets.  And is true in the final of Roland Garros, I won in straight sets. 
But always a big challenge play against him.  Is not surprise.  Only difference is you’re not playing very well, you’re not in a good position when you’re playing against him.  I didn’t play well today. 

Q.  Regarding confidence, is what happened in Australia still in the back of your mind? 
RAFAEL NADAL:  I don’t know.  I don’t know.  I think after what happened, not only the lose, the same time, too, the pain in my back that I had, I had to do treatment after Australia, not playing for three weeks.  I played in Rio.  After Rio I had to stop for 10 or 12 days again because the back still hurt me. 
But after that I feel the back much better.  So I already have since Indian Wells to here I am doing a regular work.  Should be okay for that. 
No, no, is not an excuse on the back.  No, the back is in good shape.  Physical performance is in good shape.  No problems about that. 
Just keep working to try to find the solution for next week in Barcelona.  I going to try to play well in there and fight for the matches. 

Q.  What is your state of mind right now?  Is it more frustration, anger, doubting, surprise? 
RAFAEL NADAL:  Lose against David Ferrer is not surprise.  Frustration?  I cannot be frustrated to lose a tennis match.  In the life there is much more important things than a tennis match. 
But I am not happy with it.  I feel that I have to do more than what I did today.  So when you feel that you can do more, always you come back home or to the next tournament with not the best feeling.  That’s my feeling today. 
I didn’t find the solution.  Not talking about winning or losing, but the solution of my game at the right time.  You can lose because David is a fantastic player. 
No frustration, no drama.  Just tennis match.  But at the end I prefer to win (smiling). 

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  1. with age, things change, and so should players tactics. i read an interview with uncle tony, that rafa’s losing weight. perhaps that’s taking a toll on his game. and of course the back injury. no one heals fast from a back injury. look at federer – he dragged that injury for a whole year and couldn’t hardly be ‘the best player ever’. However, rafa seems not motivated enough when he goes on court. maybe he needs a total break, a whole season break, even if it means he doesnt play FO. the way he is playing, he might as well. there’s lack of fire. if he gets someone on the top 6 rank, he’s done. but usually, whenever he is playing those top guns, he just lets his guard down, even if the day before, he’d played like the # 1 the rankings say he is. over the years, he’s let go 4 slams that clearly should have been his: 3 AU, 1 wimbledon. almost as if making history gets in his way, and he rather fail.

  2. Rafa, move on with different strategies to win. We have faith in you always….

  3. Rafa, of course you can do a lot better than that but it just depends of you
    I hope to see you soon playing your best, tennis will be more enjoyable!

  4. Well Rafa, just concentrate on your next tournament in Barcelona, will keep on backing you, cuz you are my main man!! Vamos Rafa, and do not worry about your (intensity) or lack of, or whatever….just play your game, your points, as you say, and hang in there, take it easy Rafa, and Vamos otra vez Rafa!!

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