Rafa Roundup: Is Nadal’s loss at the Sony Open a cause for concern?


… While Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal may be the most trendy rivalry in men’s tennis, the most enduring may be top ranked Nadal and Novak Djokovic, who clashed for the 40th time on Sunday in the final of the Sony Open. Any final featuring the world’s two top ranked players automatically qualifies as significant but Nadal and Djokovic have elevated their clashes to something special.

… Nadal will presumably look better on clay, and his epic battles with Djokovic will of course be the spotlight of the upcoming season. As long as Nadal is healthy, the two are destined for more bouts, but a rarity like thebeatdown in Miami is hard to like for Nadal backers.

… Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer female fans need not worry – Nike has them covered yet again with great tops to show their style and cheer on their favorite player.

… Francis Roig, entrenador que acompaña a Rafael Nadal durante 12 semanas al año, pasó por los micrófonos de Planeta Tenis para analizar al detalle los motivos que hicieron perder al número uno del mundo la final de Miami ante Novak Djokovic. Roig profundizó en estos aspectos, explicó por qué Nadal no reaccionó ante el serbio y valoró de forma positiva el comienzo de año.

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  1. Our Rafa behaves like superman but he is human after all. I dont think he will have another year like 2013 but no one else will either so why should we be concerned?! As long as he wins some tornaments we will be VERY happy! VAAAMOOOSSS FAAAFAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sony open loss is not the cause of concern, the main concern for Rafa is to stay health with his knee works well for him. Always support and with Rafa, love Rafa and wish him all the best for 2014!!

  3. Not, the loss in the Sony Open is not a cause for concern. He is going to do better and not just in the next tournaments on clay but also on grass where he had a couple of bad years but this year he seems to be healthy and I’m sure he will bring us happiness watching the results

  4. Fedal tiene un glamour especial que no va a tener nunca la rivalidad con Nole. Roger y Rafa marcaron el comienzo de una etapa de respeto y caballerosidad en el tenis nunca visto hasta ahora. Quizas en los comienzo del deporte y antes de ser profesionales. Se acuerdan de la época de jimmy Connors y Mac Enroe? o Tiriac y Natashe? La rivalidad con Nole es distinta, a pesar de que también hay respeto y son dos grandes campeones, no tiene ese glamour.

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