New Rankings: How many points is Rafael Nadal ahead of Novak Djokovic despite Miami loss?

The new Emirates ATP rankings are out, and Rafael Nadal still has a lead over Novak Djokovic going into clay season. Rafa has 13,730 points, to Djokovic’s 11,810, a difference of 1,920 points. Rafa still has a sizable lead over Djokovic, enough to keep him at World No.1 at least until May, when he starts defending his clay court Masters titles. Rafa’s next stop on the tour will be mid-April in Monte Carlo, where he lost to Djokovic last year. Therefore, Rafa has 600 points to defend, to Djokovic’s 1000.

The other movers this week are Roger Federer, who moved to No. 4, and Milos Raonic, who moves back into the top 10 for the first time this season, displacing Richard Gasquet. Andy Murray moved down to No. 8 after failing to defend his Miami title.

Rafa is currently #2 in the year-to-date rankings. On to the clay season, where the King of Clay awaits to rule. VAMOS Rafa!


  1. We love Rafa all the time, regardless of the results of his latest tournament. As we fans well know, it takes a LOT more to make a champion than numbers on a scoreboard, so Rafa will always be #1 for ALL the right reasons.

    Go home and regroup and perhaps our champion needs something in addition to uncle toni’s down-to-earth – maybe another form of inspiration in addition – telling him he CAN fight harder with more bravado, for he IS Rafa!!!!

    Some good clay practice, and hoping for him to reclaim Monte Carlo and rule the clay. Then, I agree, the pre-Wimbledon tournament this year to reclaim the grass!!!!

  2. Rafa. you are the #1 and show Novac. that aggressiveness in the next match you 2 play don’t be tentative cause you can beat him and the rest when you are at your best, that’s why your # 1 love you Rafa my Favorite allways. just rememem how you played in 2013 Vamoooooooooooos Rafa!

  3. Rafa will be number 1 by the end of the year as he is now. VAMOS RAFA SHOW THE SERB WHO IS BETTER ON CLAY

  4. Rafa, estou com você sempre! Novak jogou muito bem e você teve erros bobos. Vamos ver da próxima vez,

  5. The key tournament for Rafa this year is Wimbledon, where he has ZERO points to defend. If he can return to his 2008 & 2010 form there, he will gain enough ranking points to make it extremely difficult for Novak or anyone else to catch him by year’s end.

    The Wimbledon grass has been much greener and thicker the last 2 years than ever before, causing the ball to bounce lower, which puts extra stress on Rafa’s knees, which in turn hinders his movement and power. It’s much worse in the early rounds, before the grass gets beat up. If Rafa can survive the first week, court conditions will be much more to his liking thereafter.

    A little less London rain this time around – and less watering of the grass by the grounds crew – would go a very long way towards Rafa regaining his old form at the All England Club.

  6. Rafa has a confidence block when it comes to Novak. He must dominate him in the clay court season to bring Djokovic back to earth.

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